Term 4, Week 6, 2016 – Rehearsal Razzamatazz!

‘We do not remember days, we remember moments’  (Cesare Pavese, Italian poet & novelist)

Hi everyone!

Memorable moments were in abundance for the Preps last week as they experienced their first Full Dress Rehearsal for Concert and their first Transition Session in the Jpod.

Full Dress Rehearsal

Climbing into a furry, sparkly, elven or in some cases snowy costume, inspired students to sing and dance their hearts out as they gave outfits a trial run.

Transition to Year One

On Friday, current Preps spent a happy morning engaged in Science and P.E. while the Preps of 2017 came to school! After Specialists and snack play our Preps arrived at the Jpod for the much anticipated first Transition Session, even staying to eat lunch with their future classmates! After lunch play, the Prep Team heard some of the highlights before Preps turned their attention to preparing for the commencement of school swimming on Monday. We look forward to hearing all about their Jpod experiences next week!


Students wrote about some of the things they are looking forward to when they are learning in the Jpod next year…

 They also enjoyed Wacky Wednesday (free) Writing!


Teachers continually assess student understanding during daily activities and use this information to plan appropriate learning experiences for students. However at this time of year, assessment takes on more of a ‘summing up’ role as the team prepares to send Preps in to their next learning area. This information will help students take a running jump straight back into their learning when the new school year begins!

While assessment takes place during numeracy sessions, students have opportunity to practise previously learned skills through playing familiar maths learning games together. Last week, some students made posters with the open brief of recording ‘something (or things) you learned in maths this year’. Prior to commencement, we discussed some of our learning areas like addition & subtraction strategies, money and measurement (eg. length & weight). You can share some of their thoughts below. They filmed and recorded their own reflections.

 (Music in iMovie credited to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra5AO2Ca5PI&t=282s


At the end of Week 5, small groups of students were work shopping short skits in preparation for a Prep Performance. The skits are designed to bring a message to their audience about how citizens can make the community a better place by practising good citizenship – working together, obeying laws and caring for nature and the environment.

Some groups started by making a story board with help from a teacher. Students were encouraged and assisted to sequence their skit and review their story to see if it carried their intended message clearly.

Next, they considered props needed while acting. We saw lots of props when we went to see ‘Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’ last term. Preps connected with their learning around performing arts last term and used it to inform their project. Last Monday they got to work creating props.

On Thursday, students rehearsed their skits using the new props. They checked them for durability, size and usefulness. Teachers helped take note of any alterations needed.

Well done on a great week, Preps!

Things to remember:

Swimming starts this Monday.

Have a great week!

The Prep Team