Learning Tips – Writing

Hi everyone,

Here are some strategies on which the Preps have been focusing as they move towards learning to write:

Pencil grip

The most efficient way to hold a pencil when writing is by using the ‘tripod grip’. Teachers are supporting students to develop this grip. There are lots of different ways to do this. Have a look at the videos below to learn more.

Source : excerpt of video posted on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIxUtwO29r8

Note: we did not send any special pencils home with students. They can work on developing a tripod grip with whichever writing implement they are using (pencil, texta, crayon, white board marker, etc).




Pre-writing patterns

Creating written letters of the alphabet is more complex than it looks! Students have engaged in several sessions of pre-writing exercises. The sessions involve copying and tracing some abstract patterns. These patterns utilise the muscle movements needed to write the letters of the alphabet. As these movements become more familiar, it frees up concentration for future focusing on correct letter formation (that is, starting each letter at the same place each time and forming it the same way each time, as they will be taught).

Click on the link below to access your own free downloads of pre-writing patterns. 


After clicking on the link, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the pink text that says ‘writing practise’. Scroll down again and click on the pink text that says ‘pre-writing practise printables’. See screen shots below if you need help to find them.




Imogen practises some of the patterns we use when we write the letters of the alphabet.

At home you can play ‘Mr Squiggle’ by both creating a ‘squiggle’ that is a pre-writing pattern, swapping squiggles and turning them into a picture.

Have fun!

The Prep Team