Beach Blast! – Barwon Heads Excursion

Hi everyone!

We all had a wonderful time at the beach today on our end-of-year excursion!

Thank you to all of our wonderful helpers:

  • Novy (Reubens’ mum)
  • Tania (Matilda’s mum)
  • Rezan (Rose’s mum)
  • Lisa (Lily’s mum)
  • Jo (Emelia’s mum)
  • Simone (Our work experience helper)
  • Miss Geary (Our student teacher from Term Three)
  • Mr Greenwood (Our Science Specialist Teacher extraordinaire)

You helped our day to be even more fun due to all the care and support you gave to each student and we are really thankful for your help today!

We are also grateful for the fantastic weather we enjoyed today – conditions were just right for lots of beach fun! 

Preps did a great job listening to their adults and also being flexible and adjusting to a change to our schedule. Unfortunately the rock pools were too submerged to explore. Luckily, students had remembered to pack their ‘happy spirits’ and they all enjoyed having a longer time to build sandcastles, play beach games and play on the play ground.

If you are interested in going down the investigate the rock pools in the holidays, here is the link to the ‘Friends of the Bluff’ webpage. There is lots of information and pictures on this site that will help you understand and name what you see! Conner H saw ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’ seaweed and also ‘Neptune’s Necklace’ seaweed. We looked at pictures of these types of seaweed yesterday because they had such interesting names.

Click here to visit the ‘Friends of the Bluff’ webpage.

Here are some action shots you might enjoy looking at together at home…

See you tomorrow!

The Prep Team