Our Blog Rules

It is important that we use our blog in a safe and responsible manner.

The Prep Unit has come up with the following guidelines for our Unit Blog.

All students and parents must follow the guidelines when using the blog.
It is important that we have guidelines as Internet Safety and Responsible Online Behavior are very important.


1. All posts and comments are approved by the Prep Teachers before they can appear on the Blog.

2. All comments must be read by a teacher or parent before being posted by students.

3. Students are only to use FIRST names. Do not use last names in any comments.

4. Parents are to use FIRST names. Do not use your last name when leaving a comment.

5. Never include personal information in your comments. (Last names, phone numbers, address,places you will be etc).

6) Be careful with what you say. Remember the whole world can read your comments, so you need to be respectful at all times.

7) All students must have a signed permission slip to be part of our Blog. This allows them to post, comment and have photos on our Blog.

(Thankyou to Bellaire Prep blog for guidance with our blog rules)

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