Our students spend around 6-8 hours each week engaged in student led Inquiry or ‘Investigation’ based around their own personal interests and the stimulus provided by the classroom set up. The children start each session at the planning board for a ‘tuning in’ session and each session ends with reflection and forward planning to the next session. We have a messages board where students can request resources to support their learning and the children have free access to all classroom resources and technology that they need to support their learning.

This is a rigorous and throughly planned time of our day which allows our students a chance to develop their thinking skills, organizational skills, self refection skills, communication and oral language and, importantly for early learners, their social and emotional skills and confidence and connectedness to their learning. Of course there are also ample opportunity to apply the key Literacy and Numeracy skills that they are taught during other times of the day. Students are timetabled regularly to be ‘focus’ children for the teachers during the Investigation sessions.

Our classroom program still provides each child with two guided reading sessions each week and daily discreet teaching in phonics, writing, reading and numeracy. In addition to specialist lessons in Art, PE, Drama and Science.

Check out our classroom in this short video

Flexible Learning space from Mr Ramage on Vimeo.

Watch this space for a video coming soon, which explains how a typical Investigation sessions work ….

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