Term 4, Week 10, 2016 – The fun continues…

Hi everyone,

While excitement was at a peak on Tuesday with the Prep Performance, there were lots of other special activities during the days that followed…

The Mipod Festa

Students loved meeting up with their Year 5 Buddies and walking together to the Mipod Festa Opening Ceremony. 

Once there, Buddies and Preps freely explored stalls which celebrated a selection of diverse cultures from around the world. 


Home groups surveyed each other to determine which of two fruits their friends would like included in fruit salad. Afterwards we tallied the fruits that received the most votes and put these onto our shopping list.

We looked up online fruit and vegetable catalogues and discussed the different prices we could see. Some fruits are sold as single items (like kiwi fruit for 40 cents each) and others are sold per kilogram (like apricots). The next day we walked to IGA, selected our fruit and brought it back to class. Teachers cut it up, ready for lunch!


Letters and Sounds sessions continue. Students are revising and consolidating the wonderful learning they have undertaken this year. This group of students focused on their most recently learned letters and digraphs.

Preps worked hard to finish their Self-Portraits ready for display in the Jpod next year. They also thought carefully about and wrote their Report Reflections – you will be able to enjoy these when you view your child’s report on Compass at the end of the year. Your child will also bring home the hard copy of their Report Reflection.

Free Writing Friday was also a highlight, once students finished their portraits and reflections.

Things to remember…

  • End-Of-Year Excursion to Barwon Heads next Wednesday. Students will prepare a reminder note to take home about essential items to be brought to school on the day. They will also enjoy a Social Story about the excursion on Monday after lunch. The note and the Social Story will both be posted on the blog Monday afternoon
  • Book list ordering closes Friday December 23rd
  • Whole school Assembly, 2.15pm Friday, in the gym
  • Family Picnic, Friday, 5.30 – 7pm

Have a great week!

The Prep Team

Classroom timetable for tomorrow

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is a special day because the Preps visit the Mipod Festa between 10 and 11 am!

We are also buying fruit for a yummy fruit salad we will be making to eat with our lunch. Today we worked out which fruits each home group would like in their fruit salad. While doing this we reconnected with prior learning about collecting and analysing data through the use of tallies. Tomorrow when we buy the fruit we will focus on money.

NB: The shopping will take place in home groups at IGA (opposite school). Students will cross the road at the school crossing with their home group teacher.


Term 4, Week 10, 2016 – Prep Performance Tomorrow! (Starts 2.30pm in the Library)

Hi everyone,

Students will present their learning about community and citizenship tomorrow. This learning will be shared through live performance of short skits created by students. Each home group has a theme that relates to good citizenship:

  • Prep A – ‘Working together’
  • Prep B – ‘Looking after nature and the environment’
  • Prep C – ‘Obeying rules and laws’

Below is the note students took home with them today regarding the Prep Performance.


We will do our best to record the production using our boom mike and iPad tripod. Once edited we will upload suitable recordings to the blog for those who are unable to be there tomorrow.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

The Prep Team

Concert Snaps

Hi everyone,

We hope you enjoy a selection of photos from the Big Night! We had lots of fun looking at them together in class today…





Term 4, Week 9, 2016 – Concert Congratulations!

Hi everyone,

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the Preps (and of course, students from all levels) for their wonderful performance at the School Concert yesterday!!! 

You each did your very best on stage and showed great citizenship skills by helping each other and by being a respectful and appreciative audience. Matilda and Summer J merit a special mention for the way they each helped their friends on stage. WELL DONE!!

The week leading up to and after the concert flew by! Here are a few highlights…


Some students experienced an introduction to fractions last week. At this stage of Prep maths thinking, this means exploring what it means to break a whole object into parts. These parts can be equal or not equal.

Afterwards we talked about the special names given to the pieces of an object that has been broken into equal parts. If something is divided into two equal parts, we call each part a ‘half’. If it is broken into four equal parts, we call each part a ‘quarter’. We created some halves and quarters as a whole group, using play dough. Then students experimented with their own play dough.

Hands on exploration led some students to question which names are given to equal parts that number more than two or four. Reuben and Jye created eight equal pieces. They talked with a teacher about what each piece would be called (‘eighths’) and then had fun extrapolating their new learning to other scenarios – ‘What if there were ten pieces?’

The next day, students revised their new learning and then put it to use to create Paul Klee inspired art. They were provided with paper shapes (squares, triangles and circles of different sizes) and required to fold then cut these shapes into halves and quarters. Once cut into two or four equal parts, these shapes were used for artistic purposes. Students talked to a teacher about which fractions of the whole they had used for different parts of their art work.


Students reconnected with the recount genre in preparation for completing an end-of-year writing sample.

They also enjoyed Wacky Wednesday Writing!


The Preps of 2017 met their future Buddies today during a Teddy Bear’s Picnic themed final Transition Session. While the Prep Room was humming with future students, current Preps had a great time with their Buddies in the Sipod. They created Christmas Craft together in the form of hand print reindeer.

Things to remember

  • Prep Performance (Citizenship Learning) – Tuesday December 6th, 2.30pm – 3.15pm, in the Library (see note sent home today)
  • Preps visit the Mipod Festa next Thursday, December 8th (see note sent home today)

Thank you

Thanks to everyone for returning the End Of Year Excursion permission forms! As with other special events, a Social Story will be read with students prior to the excursion after which it will be posted onto the blog.

Have a great week!

The Prep Team