Ecolinc Excursion Social Story

Hi everyone,

Last week we read this Social Story with the children so they know what to expect tomorrow and Tuesday when they travel to Ecolinc for a fun day learning all about mini-beasts! Reading this story at home with them today will refresh their memories and help them to get the most out of the day.

Please note: school hat is optional in Term 2 and depends on parent preference; if you think a jacket necessary, lightweight is preferred because it will fit into the school bag. A jumper should be worn to school. All items need to be named.


We are sure to enjoy our excursions to Ecolinc!

The teachers attending on Monday with the Pineapples and Mangoes are: Miss Elliott, Mr Campbell, Miss Evans (student teacher) and Miss Smith.

Teachers attending on Tuesday with the Watermelons are: Miss Benci and Mr Campbell.

Please ensure to provide any medication needed on the day if you have not yet done so.

Thanks! See you all tomorrow!

The Prep Team


Term 3, Week 7, 2016 – ‘You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!’ – Dr Seuss

Hi everyone!

Glad you could join us for a quick zip through your child’s learning last week!

Book Week

This wonderful week of the year was enjoyed by all as we celebrated the joy that books and stories bring to our lives! We also enjoyed the company of many parents, siblings and other special people during our Costume Parade and Book Week inspired whole-school Art activities. You can catch up on the fun or relive the highlights by watching the video below!

Reading and Writing – Re-tells, Book Reviews and Junior Assembly

We read a lot of stories together last week! Students retold some of these tales by drawing and writing. They voted for their favourite book, wrote book reviews as to the reason for their vote and shared this learning with others at Junior Assembly on Friday. Well done to Jye who opened the Preps’ Assembly segment, Alexia who closed it and to Nathan, Conner H, Emelia, Willow, Jordan B, Matilda, Ethan and Ruby T who spoke so clearly when presenting their thoughts to the audience. Well done also to Preps in the audience for showing respect and courtesy to those speaking out the front!


Students had fun together exploring different games and activities designed to build number sense and fluency. Teachers spent time with each student to gain a sense of individual progress in numeracy understandings. In home group, students continue to engage in numeracy routines which link with everyday activities.

Philosophy – ‘Are Transformers better than Shopkins? How about Star Wars?’

These hot topics were up for debate in Philosophy last week! Students practised concurrence and dissent with the opinions of others in a civilised manner, using the language ‘I agree’ or ‘I disagree’ and providing reasons for their statements.

Investigations – ‘I am a good learner by … choosing resources carefully’

Students tuned in to considering their intended purpose before selecting a material for use in showing learning. For example, if paper is needed to jot down ideas while planning, scrap paper will suffice. If paper is needed for the front cover of a book or for a poster, then a new piece of coloured or white paper should be chosen.

Things to remember …

Milkshake DayWednesday

Fathers’ Day Breakfast Friday

Prep Performing Arts Excursion Consent and Payment due back by Friday

Have a great week!

The Prep Team