Welcome to our Prep Blog for 2017!

Welcome to the Prep Blog for 2017! This blog is one of the many tools which help us to keep you informed about all the exciting things we have going on in the Prep classroom (in addition to our regular newsletters, assemblies and diary notes). At Grovedale West Primary School (GWPS) we like to regularly use the blog to help students to reflect on past learning experiences which helps them to make connections with new learning tasks and to build upon their understandings.

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Come on our learning adventure! 

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What a terrific start!

What an amazing time we have had getting to know the Preps during the last two and a half weeks! We have been highly impressed by the calm and positive approach they have taken into their first two weeks of school. The children have had a fantastic time settling into their new learning environments whilst getting to know their teachers and making many new friends along the way.

The Prep team would like to say a massive thank you to all the Prep parents for being so supportive of your children during our first two weeks of the year. We have been so pleased to see you taking on a guiding role with the children’s morning routine, whilst also allowing them the opportunity to take responsibility for, and develop their independence with these tasks. The Prep Team are really looking forward to getting to know your children even better over the coming weeks and are excited about creating learning opportunities which will help them to progress with their learning in a fun and engaging environment.

Here are some photos of the Preps enjoying their first two weeks of school:


Excursion to beach photos

What a fabulous day we had yesterday down at Barwon Heads Beach. Special thanks to Peter and Jenna for giving up their day to come down and help us. The kids had a really great day, building sandcastles, playing beach games and exploring the rock pools around the bluff.

Enjoy the photos, thanks to Jenna for taking so many lovely shots.

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe christmas and see you all in the new year.

The prep team.

Aboriginal Cultural Centre

We had a fantastic visit today to connect with our local aboriginal cultural centre on Torquay Rd, Narana. As you will see from the film, the students had a fantastic time painting boomerangs using their knowledge of aboriginal symbols, listening to dreamtime stories, exploring aboriginal instruments and artifacts and throwing boomerangs.

When we returned to school, the prep students used their writing skills to write about the trip, some writing letters home and some writing thank you letters to Narana, which we copied and emailed to Narana.

We also received such positive feedback from our hosts at Narana, firstly commenting about the amazing quality of the painting work which went into the boomerangs and then secondly, about how well mannered and respectful all the students were. We will pick up the boomerangs tomorrow so the students can bring them home.

End of year excursion.

Last week we had a fantastic end of year excursion to visit Barwon Heads river beach. The kids had a great morning making sand sculptures, playing beach games and playing in the newly developed play park. After lunch they walked to the bluff and explored the rock pools at low tide, finding crabs, snails, seaweed and asking lots of interesting questions about the coastal environment. When we got back to school the students did some fabulous drawing and writing about their trip and helped to narrate our film below.

Special thanks to the parents who came along and helped with the excursion

From all the Prep Team we would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a merry New Year. Its been a fabulous year and a pleasure to be involved in the education of the wonderful students at Grovedale West PS. Thankyou all for the lovely gifts, personal messages and special treats we have had over the last year and recently for Christmas.

Enjoy the summer break and see you all next year!

Prep excursion to Weribbee Zoo.

We had a fantastic day last week at Weribbee Zoo. We were really lucky with the weather and the kids had a fantastic day.

We have had lots of learning about animals during Investigations time, both before and after the excursion and the children all planned  and wrote a recount of the day following the excursion.

Thank-you to all the parents who came along with us to help the day run as smoothly as it did and to support the students with their investigation of the zoo.

We hope you enjoy the video below (my son Rocker chose the music to go with the video!!!)


House points for all the children who post a sentence to tell us what they enjoyed most about the day!

Finishing off an amazing year!

As we take down the work which has been displayed around our room this year it has been great to reflect with the children and with many parents, just how far the student’s learning has come this year. Listening to students talk about how their drawings, writing and reading looked when they started school, compared to the way it looks now, is really exciting. Also as we interviewed the students for their student comments in their reports, it was clear how well they were able to articulate what they enjoy in their learning, their strengths and their areas for future development. As we tell the children, they have done the hard work, we have just provided them with the learning environment and support to help them start on this amazing learning journey.

The Prep Blog has also been a new thing this year, it has been visited over 1000 times by many parents, family members and teachers from over 14 countries around the world. This year’s Prep students and families have also been fortunate to be part of our Technologies project and as a result the children and teachers have had a great range of technologies which have been used to enhance learning for the students. We are excited to watch this year’s prep students develop even further as they move into Grade 1 next year.

Thankyou to all those ‘Blog followers’ this year who have looked at the blog posts and taken the time to post comments onto the blog and share the exciting learning with their children. It has been a highlight this year to read comments on the blog together with the whole class and this has really highlighted the meaningful purpose that the blog has, in sharing learning and student’s achievments with a wider audience.

We thought it would be lovely to finish off our blog for this year with some photos of the children. We have included the party with the buddies. It was great to see many Year 5 children telling their buddy that they would still be a buddy for them next year! We also have some pictures of the transition day when they met their new teachers and classmates , and finally our end of year excursion to the beach and the cinema.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mr Ramage and Miss O’Bree

Rugby Photos

Here are some photos of the prep children learning some Rugby Skills and then playing Tag Rugby. These are ideas from this great Website. http://www.rugby.com.au/tryrugby/Teachers/FieldPE/PELessonPlans.aspx