Term 4, Week 6, 2016 – Rehearsal Razzamatazz!

‘We do not remember days, we remember moments’  (Cesare Pavese, Italian poet & novelist)

Hi everyone!

Memorable moments were in abundance for the Preps last week as they experienced their first Full Dress Rehearsal for Concert and their first Transition Session in the Jpod.

Full Dress Rehearsal

Climbing into a furry, sparkly, elven or in some cases snowy costume, inspired students to sing and dance their hearts out as they gave outfits a trial run.

Transition to Year One

On Friday, current Preps spent a happy morning engaged in Science and P.E. while the Preps of 2017 came to school! After Specialists and snack play our Preps arrived at the Jpod for the much anticipated first Transition Session, even staying to eat lunch with their future classmates! After lunch play, the Prep Team heard some of the highlights before Preps turned their attention to preparing for the commencement of school swimming on Monday. We look forward to hearing all about their Jpod experiences next week!


Students wrote about some of the things they are looking forward to when they are learning in the Jpod next year…

 They also enjoyed Wacky Wednesday (free) Writing!


Teachers continually assess student understanding during daily activities and use this information to plan appropriate learning experiences for students. However at this time of year, assessment takes on more of a ‘summing up’ role as the team prepares to send Preps in to their next learning area. This information will help students take a running jump straight back into their learning when the new school year begins!

While assessment takes place during numeracy sessions, students have opportunity to practise previously learned skills through playing familiar maths learning games together. Last week, some students made posters with the open brief of recording ‘something (or things) you learned in maths this year’. Prior to commencement, we discussed some of our learning areas like addition & subtraction strategies, money and measurement (eg. length & weight). You can share some of their thoughts below. They filmed and recorded their own reflections.

 (Music in iMovie credited to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra5AO2Ca5PI&t=282s


At the end of Week 5, small groups of students were work shopping short skits in preparation for a Prep Performance. The skits are designed to bring a message to their audience about how citizens can make the community a better place by practising good citizenship – working together, obeying laws and caring for nature and the environment.

Some groups started by making a story board with help from a teacher. Students were encouraged and assisted to sequence their skit and review their story to see if it carried their intended message clearly.

Next, they considered props needed while acting. We saw lots of props when we went to see ‘Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’ last term. Preps connected with their learning around performing arts last term and used it to inform their project. Last Monday they got to work creating props.

On Thursday, students rehearsed their skits using the new props. They checked them for durability, size and usefulness. Teachers helped take note of any alterations needed.

Well done on a great week, Preps!

Things to remember:

Swimming starts this Monday.

Have a great week!

The Prep Team

Term 4, Week 9 – School Concert Week!

Congratulations to all GWPS students on their wonderful performance at the school concert last Thursday! You really wowed the audience with your dance moves, your smiles and also with the way you helped and encouraged each other. Well done!

Concert Reflections…

Last week, prep students reflected on the concert during Philosophy session. They discussed how they felt before and after the performance, touching on pre-show nerves and the sense of accomplishment and pride felt when they overcame these feelings. You can share in this thinking by watching the video below.



Transition to the Jpod…

Preps enjoyed two transition sessions in the Jpod this week. The first was a shared CAFE reading hour, the second session involved enjoying maths games together, followed by eating lunch with Jpod friends. As you can see below, prep students are already feeling at home and comfortable in the Jpod learning space, spending time with their future classmates. The next transition session is to be held this Tuesday.


This week, reading sessions were conducted as a whole group. Students shared two read alouds – ‘The Gruffalo’ by our focus author, Julia Donaldson and ‘You and Me: Our Place’ by Leonie Norrington. Following discussion about author purpose and making connections to previous Julia Donaldson books and Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, students had fun creating a crafty response to the stories.


Students played familiar games requiring the use of subtraction, addition and two digit place value learning. They also had opportunity to further explore the concept of ‘sharing’ while sharing a ‘You Tube’ story and acting it out using counters as cookies. You can share the story together below if you like.

This story begins with two children and 12 cookies, however, more and more friends keep arriving! Preps extended their thinking to consider what they could do to share the cookies once there were 12 friends and everyone had one cookie each and then ….. the doorbell rang again! They said they could break them in half! (Good thinking!).


Students were given time to complete the books they are making for a friend. We are all looking forward to sharing them with each other next week.


Well, the learning games for next year’s preps are really coming along! Teachers and students have been having so much fun trying out the games in order to offer feedback to the creators. We think the new preps are going to love these games. Stay tuned to see some of the finished products in next week’s blog post.

Things to remember…

Classroom Helper ‘Thank You’ morning tea is next Thursday (December 10th) at 11am.

There is no Milkshake Day next Thursday due to our wonderful helpers hopefully enjoying treats of their own at the morning tea!

Please remember to return your End of Year Excursion consent forms and payment if you have not already done so.

Have a great week!

The Prep Team

The “so what” of our Community Investigations

As our learning about the local community has developed this term, the students have been immersed in much information to help guide them towards something they can achieve to make a difference in their own lives or the lives of others in the community.

After our local community walk and our community immersion activities, the students noticed some rubbish outside in the local environment. During recent classroom activities we have explored the impact that rubbish can have on the local community and last week we asked the students the ‘SO WHAT’ question – ie given everything they have learnt about our community and the impact that rubbish in the community can have on animals, plants and humans, what are you going to do about it??

The students decided that they needed to find out first why people dropped rubbish on the ground. They decided to survey the school and the overwhelming message they got from other students was that people dropped rubbish usually because they were being Lazy. They decided that they needed to take the following action:

– Organise a clean up day for the local environment,and
– Use books, posters, songs, puppets shows, films and the prep blog to spread their message about the need to look after our environment.

We have been overwhelmed by the quality and creativity displayed by the students in their learning and we hope you will take the time to listen to the messages in their work below. There are lots of students featured in many of the pieces. It is truly amazing for such young learners to be using their literacy, numeracy, technology and thinking skills to such great effect.

Prep rubbish campaign -Books and posters below -by Ella, Josh, Joseph, Charlotte W, Angelina, Mikaylah, Ronak, Averleigh, Fynn, Imogen, Toby, Samantha

Our Clean up the School day will take place on Friday 5th December.

We are sure that the prep students are already making a difference to their local community, with their messages and desire to help look after our world.

Persausive language developed by the preps

This week the prep students have been working on developing their persausive language for speaking and writing. They have been enjoying us reading the Magic Faraway Tree to them, so we used this as the stimulus for their writing. Firstly, they had to create their own ‘Land’ for the Faraway Tree. Then we watched the first movie together and discussed the language of adverts and the sorts of words and language to use when we need to persuade someone. The students then had the challenge to write a persausive advert for their own Faraway Tree Land to persuade someone to come and visit. We think the students did an awsome job as you can hopefully see from the second video.

Enjoy the magic Faraway Tree Lands!

Prep assembly items

In case you were unable to get to our prep/1/2 Assembly on Friday, here are the two items which were shared by the prep students.

Our first ever edition of Prep News.

We think you will agree that our news presenters are very confident and articulate and we must stress that the students were not speaking from a well rehearsed script. The news report was put together in the normal course of one of our Investigations sessions this week, with just a little teacher input around the filming and presentation issues. The vocabulary and learning ideas came from the students!!

Our second item is a film explaining how the students have been immersed in activities this week to teach them about community and hopefully inspire and motivate them to want to make a difference in our local community. We are exited to see where the students will take their learning over the next few weeks as, guided by the teachers and each others ideas, they create authentic opportunities to make a difference to our local community.

Incredibox music community

This week we introduced the prep students to the online music website ‘Incredibox’. The context for this was creating a class musical composition to show how creating a culturally diverse and colourful ‘community’ was similar to creating an interesting and colorful piece of music. i.e. if we were all exactly the same and played the same beat the world wouldn’t be as good a place to live in.

The students really engaged with the musical idea and it has inspired at least one student to create his own musical composition. We all listened to it today and the class thought it was fantastic. Here is the link if you would like to check out the composition. We thought it was very clever, especially the precise way which the track comes to an end with the different musical layers being removed. Jimi told us that he had to make sure he divided the time up that was left in the recording to do that!


we also have another composition


You might also want to watch this real life ‘Incredibox’

Awesome author visit for book week.

The prep students were lucky to meet awesome author Lee Fox today as part of our book week celebrations. She entertained the students with reading and performing some of her books and shared with them some great ways to create and plan stories and poetry that rhymes. It was really interesting to see her present one of her stories ’10 little Hermit crabs’ using a traditional Japanese Kamishibai (see www.kamishibai.com).

After the session the prep students had a go at writing their own rhyming poem, which was really challenging but very enjoyable. The students took on the challenge and edited and re-worked their poems until they sounded just right.

We hope you enjoy the short video which shares some of the Lee Fox presentation and some of the students poetry.

Prep, 1’s and 2’s assembly

What a fantastic assembly we had on Friday.

3 of our amazingly confident prep students hosted the assembly and demonstrated their great reading and speaking skills in front of a large audience. The assembly items were pretty special too, with the students sharing their very creative Investigations and Discovery historical learning which has been leading up to our excursion to the Melbourne Museum on Tuesday. The 1/2 students entertained us too with some fantastic Italian singing!




Here are a couple of the videos to enjoy and some photos of our wonderful prep exploring Aboriginal culture and history in preparation for seeing the First peoples exhibition at the museum.