Persausive language developed by the preps

This week the prep students have been working on developing their persausive language for speaking and writing. They have been enjoying us reading the Magic Faraway Tree to them, so we used this as the stimulus for their writing. Firstly, they had to create their own ‘Land’ for the Faraway Tree. Then we watched the first movie together and discussed the language of adverts and the sorts of words and language to use when we need to persuade someone. The students then had the challenge to write a persausive advert for their own Faraway Tree Land to persuade someone to come and visit. We think the students did an awsome job as you can hopefully see from the second video.

Enjoy the magic Faraway Tree Lands!

Prep News 2

Check out this week’s fantastic edition of Prep News!

Also, here is this week’s notice board. Don’t forget swimming lessons start next Monday.

Week 7 learning focuses

If there is anything you would like us to report on in the next edition of Prep News, please let the kids know by posting a comment below.

The Prep Team

Prep assembly items

In case you were unable to get to our prep/1/2 Assembly on Friday, here are the two items which were shared by the prep students.

Our first ever edition of Prep News.

We think you will agree that our news presenters are very confident and articulate and we must stress that the students were not speaking from a well rehearsed script. The news report was put together in the normal course of one of our Investigations sessions this week, with just a little teacher input around the filming and presentation issues. The vocabulary and learning ideas came from the students!!

Our second item is a film explaining how the students have been immersed in activities this week to teach them about community and hopefully inspire and motivate them to want to make a difference in our local community. We are exited to see where the students will take their learning over the next few weeks as, guided by the teachers and each others ideas, they create authentic opportunities to make a difference to our local community.

week 3 Philosophy

This week, we linked our philosophy sessions to our community learning and used an Aboriginal Dreamtime story to help immerse the students in some Aboriginal culture before our trip to Narana aboriginal centre next week. The students loved the story and we had some great conversations exploring the reasons why the frog drank all the water, whether it was right for him to do it, why he didn’t want to share and why the animals chose to make him laugh to fix the problem. There was so many relevant messages in the story for the students.

enjoy the video and hope to see you all at the spring fair tonight.

The Prep Team

The DOT – Philosophy session

The students enjoyed watching ‘the Dot’ for our philosophy stimulus last week.

What followed was a fantastic conversation around the virtues of believing in yourself, setting personal challenges , not giving up, trying hard and practicing to get better at things.

Nearly all the students participated in the discussion and then the students wrote what they had ‘learnt’ or noticed from watching the film.

It is amazing to see how the students thinking is developing through our regular philosophy sessions as they are beginning to look for deeper messages in the stimulus we present to them and show deeper levels of comprehension.

Sharing our books with the Kinder children

Last week the prep students finished their picture story books for the local kinder children. They wrote letters together last week to send to the Kinder to organize a time to go and share their books. This morning they went across and read their books to the children. This was a great authentic purpose for them using their writing and story telling skills. It was also a lovely experience for them to visit the Kinder, where many children spent last year with such fond memories.

The books will be on display for everyone to see during our learning expo on thursday evening after the fantastic volcano eruptions and bottle rocket launching.

Message from Lee Fox

We sent the link to our prep blog to Lee Fox , she watched the video of our preps poems and she sent us this message by email.

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback and for sending me a link to the Prep blog post about my visit. It’s fantastic! And the kids have done a wonderful job with their poems. It’s great to see what they came up with – really fabulous writing. Please tell them that I was thrilled to see what they had done and I hope they keep writing great rhymes.

We shared this message today with the students who were excited to know that a famous author had seen and listened to their poems and sent them a message.

It’s exciting for us all!

Awesome author visit for book week.

The prep students were lucky to meet awesome author Lee Fox today as part of our book week celebrations. She entertained the students with reading and performing some of her books and shared with them some great ways to create and plan stories and poetry that rhymes. It was really interesting to see her present one of her stories ’10 little Hermit crabs’ using a traditional Japanese Kamishibai (see

After the session the prep students had a go at writing their own rhyming poem, which was really challenging but very enjoyable. The students took on the challenge and edited and re-worked their poems until they sounded just right.

We hope you enjoy the short video which shares some of the Lee Fox presentation and some of the students poetry.

Prep poetry and the writing process

Over the last few days we have been exploring poetry with the prep children. Our starting point was Roald Dahl’s revolting beasts and the funny story of Daisy the flying cow with golden wings. The children then created their own unusual animal and had a go at writing a simple descriptive poem.

Today we spent a longer session which allowed the students to experience all aspects of the writing process; starting with oral composition, drafting their poem, editing and reworking their writing and then finally publishing their work with matching illustrations for display in the classroom and the blog.

They really enjoyed the stimulus which was the familiar nursery rhyme, ‘Baa Baa Black sheep’ which they then had the challenge of innovating by creating their own new version of the poem. This was a challenging activity, however, the students did a fantastic job. They were able to show their excellent understanding of rhyming words.

Importantly, the students had plenty of time to work in small groups or pairs to orally create their poems before attempting to write them. We recorded this part of the session which we used as a mid session reflection before asking the students to write their poems down.

We think the poems were amazing and the students had such fun creating and publishing them for you to enjoy.

Here are some of the oral compositions and the finished poems.