Term 4, Week 5, 2016 – Preps take poetic first steps…

There once were some Preps at Grovedale West,

Who said ‘We always try our best!’

One day they wrote rhyme

And finished just in time

To delight all their Assembly guests!

Hi everyone!

Students had a great time learning about and writing limericks and acrostic poems in writing sessions last week. They especially enjoyed sharing their work with parents and friends at Junior Assembly on Friday. Those who presented verse to the audience demonstrated developing public speaking skills – they stood tall, spoke clearly, and politely listened to their friends in turn. Preps who did not present also had an important role to play – they encouraged classmates during a quick rehearsal before assembly and gave wonderful feedback, like ‘I can’t hear you, could you speak a bit louder?’ or ‘That was so funny!’. They also helped their friends by being a fantastic audience during assemebly – sitting quietly with eyes to front and hands to self and laughing quietly when something was funny. Well done Preps!

You can see the limericks and acrostic poems that were shared at assembly below. Poetry comes to life when read aloud so hopefully next week we will be able to record some students reading their verse. We also watched the video below together, to learn how to write limericks.

 Last week students also completed their information posters about native Australian animals. Be sure to stop in and have a look at the display!


New reading strategy…

Our new reading strategy last week was ‘Flip the Sound’. This means if you are trying to read a word you don’t know and you have blended the sounds in the word together but it doesn’t ‘sound right’ when you cross check it, see if any of the letters in that word could make a different sound. For example: ‘cake’ can sound like ‘c – a – ck – eh’ when each letter is ‘sounded out’. But if you flip the short ‘a’ sound and turn it into a long ‘a’ sound, the word sounds quite different.

Work On Writing…

Each reading session has a Work On Writing (WOW) component which required students to use provided resources to write as independently as possible. During this time other students will be Listening to Reading, using a Word Work phonics app or engaging in a Guided Reading session with a teacher in a very small group. Last week, WOW linked to our rhyming focus in writing sessions.


Students continue to consolidate previous learning and use these understandings to provide a foundation on which to build new comprehensions.

Consolidating previous learning…

New learning…

We used the ‘number expanders’ to focus on the hundreds, tens and ones present in each 3 digit number created by students. As students progress in their mathematical comprehension they will be able to use number expanders to help partition and rename numbers. For example, 567 is made up of 5 hundreds, 6 tens and 7 ones. It is also made up of 567 ones … 56 tens and 7 ones … or 5 hundreds and 67 ones.

New Addition Strategy – ‘Make a 10 to Add’

It can be easier to add numbers together when we work with tens. For example, 10 + 6 may be easier to mentally calculate than than 9 + 7. Everyone thinks differently and uses their ‘maths brain’ differently. Students need a variety of maths strategies in their tool belts, just as they do when reading. They are then able to choose which strategy is the most efficient for them when solving a problem that requires mathematical thinking. ‘Make a 10 to Add’ is another addition strategy to add to their tool belts.


Last week students were asked ‘What is your role in our Community? We watched the video below and learned two new words – ‘citizen’ and ‘citizenship’.

We learned that ‘citizens’ are the people who live in a community. When citizens do things to make their community a better place, they are practising good ‘citizenship’.

Students talked, drew and wrote about how they help make their community a better place!

Afterwards, we wondered how we could share with people what we know about citizenship and making our community a better place.

As you can see, this group of Preps has a flair for drama and they have decided they would like to ‘put on a show’, a performance, like ‘Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’. Small groups were created and students have begun work shopping short skits which will enable them to share their message with you. Stay tuned for updates!


In a similar vein, make sure you drop by the Prep Room to have a look at our class sculpture. This was inspired by our excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria last term, where we viewed the Subodh Gupta exhibition entitled ‘Everyday Divine’.

Well, as you can see, your children pack a lot in to one week! As we journey through Term 4 it is important to remember that Preps can become quite tired this time of year. In addition to extending themselves academically, emotionally and socially daily, they are also preparing for transition to the Jpod (first session coming up this week), the School Swimming Program (Weeks 7 and 8) and the School Concert (for which they have been practising hard!). As you know, they may require a bit more down time than usual and it is especially important that they continue to have a regular bedtime to ensure enough sleep to cope with the demands of each day.

See you all next week!

The Prep Team