Prep Community Exhibition 2013

The final part of our Community Inquiry took place recently when our students exhibited their learning about Community to the local community. The Exhibition was a fabulous conclusion to our Inquiry learning with 234 visitors sharing the learning journey with the students. It was wonderful to watch the students using their speaking skills to present their learning and we had so many fantastic tour guides operating in the room. Thankyou to everyone who came along and to everyone who left us a written comment or recorded what they thought of the exhibition. There were too many comments to share them all but we have included a few on the following video.

After the exhibition we gave the students the chance to reflect on their learning by drawing and writing about what they thought would make a good community. Their work displayed their understanding that a community is made up of people who work together and help each other, together with important infrastructure like houses, gardens, roads and shops. The details in many of their drawings of community were really amazing.

We hope you enjoy the following video all about the exhibition.

Green Hat Creations workshop

The prep students were very lucky to have the chance to take part in the whole school Green Hat creations workshop run today. It was a fantastic chance to use the creative plank resourse in a large collaborative way which brought the whole student community together. The school had 20000 planks to use to create the whole school sculpture city.

The students all had some previous experience using the wooden planks as part of the school art program (thanks to Mrs Burns for purchasing them for the art room) and those skills were evident in the amazing way the students made such elaborate creations so quickly.

We too already had a few planks in our prep room but we already think we will be buying some more as clearly the children found them a great stimulus for creativity, open ended problem solving and expressing their creative ideas and thinking.

Here are some of the creations presented by the students.

Prep reflections on their learning….

430 visitors to Box World!!

430 visitors to Box World!!

On Friday the children were asked to write their personal refelction about our Box World Project. To do this not only did they need to use their developing writing skills but we were also asking them to think about the difference between something that they had ‘Learned’ and something that they had ‘Enjoyed’. As Miss O’Bree and I put up their writing today in the classroom as part of a box world display we contrasted it to writing that we displayed at the end of March this year when the children were asked to write their name and how old they were. The box world reflection activity was hugely more complex than writing their names, yet the children had managed not only fantastic writing but a sophisticated level of thinking about the task and the ability to seperate learning from what they enjoyed best. They really have come a long way in such a short time. We hope you enjoy reading their learning reflections below.

Learning outside the Box.. (Box World Exhibition goes Global!)

The inspiration for the Exibition was a visit last term to the excellent Box World exhibition  which ran at the Geelong Wool Museum , here is a video that gives you an idea why the children were so excited. Listen to the maker of Box World Warren Thomas talk about the inspiration behind it.

Our preps and teachers loved it and the prep children wanted to make their own, so we gave over a number of weeks of our learning to it. The building of our world has taken a number of weeks and has involved lots of stages. Firstly we planned with the children what we would need to do and how we would do it. We then invited parents to come and help with the learning. We also used a wide range of  technology with our prep children during the project. They firstly took photos of buildings in our local community using camera’s ,ipods and flip cameras. We  then used google maps for planning the shapes of our buildings and measured where they would go onto our model. We used the photos and maps to make sure the building were painted the correct colour and we also added details such as roads, trees and signs. Our children then used their writing skills to add information to the displays and practised their oral language skills by recording extra information onto small recording devices (our Talking Tin Lids!) to make the exhibition interactive.

Please watch the making of Box World

The children then set up their own Exhibtion, designed an Invitation and made a slideshow to tell visitors how the Exhibition was created. We have had a huge interest in the exhibition with 409 visitors last week, the children are using numeracy skills to collect blocks for every visitor who comes and collecting feedback on the exhibition from visitors using a flip camera or with visitors pasting their comments onto a cardboard box!.  We have had visits from the Geelong Advertiser who ran a feature in last week’s paper , parents and children from our school, the local Kinder, regional and network staff from other schools, our play groups and we also had an email from  Warren Thomas, the maker of the original box world, who is interstate but we hope to skype with him. On Friday we had the educational officer from the National Wool Museum come to visit, which was wonderful for the students, as they were showing their Exhibition to the person who ran the Exhibition that they visited. The museum were really excited to see the impact their Exhibition had had on the learning of our children.

It was also wonderful to see the interaction and connection between all of the children in the school community, Kinder and even the secondary College, as other children had the opportunity to appreciate and reflect on something made by the preps, but about their own community. The comments left on the video camera and written on the boxes were wonderful.

Box world has even made it onto the TV. The prep children took it down to our local community centre as part of Children’s Week to be part of an Early Years Expo. Mr Ramage was interviewed for Channel 31 news, so Box World is now well and truly famous.

What a great example of how children can extend their learning through authentic learning experiences that are truly planned with children and allow them to have involvment, creativity and ownership in their learning.

Please enjoy our videos below:

The Box World Exhibition goes Global!

We would love you to tell us what you think of our amazing Preps!

Visit to box world

The preps have been very excited about their visit to Box World, and last week, we used their excitement and enthusiasm as a stimulus for their writing. We have tended to concentrate on recount writing about things we have already done, so writing about a future event was a good learning opportunity for our children. The children used their visual writing cards to remind them of their writing targets and they were all so happy with the writing that they produced. For children just half way through their first year at school, they are doing an awesome job.

The Preps had a wonderful time at the Box World exhibition at The Wool Museum in Geelong on Monday. They were able to observe the intricate details of over 900 buildings made out of boxes and re-used items from around the home. The children went on a building hunt around the Box City looking for familiar places such as Police Stations and Hospitals and then they were able to construct their own building out of boxes. The children were shown how to cover‘ their boxes to assist them with making it look more life-like. This is a skill that the Preps are looking forward to practising during Investigations time. The Preps were also taken on a tour around the Wool Museum where they learnt how rugs are made along with many other woollen items. (They were able to touch different types of wool including some which had come straight off a sheep‘s back!) They watched a sheep dog at work on a video and also got to see the house of a shearer. The Preps asked so many fantastic questions and were wonderful representatives of Grovedale West Primary School.
So what did the preps think of the experience…..

Box World was good because we got to make things (Blake)
I worked with Corey to make a really big sky scraper (Declan)
The sheep wool was soft and oily (Todd)
I made a footy ground with Todd by looking at the football ground in the Box World (Tynan)
There were lights on some of the buildings that had electricity (Ante)
There was a book that was about making boxes into fun things (Chloe)

Box World has given us some great ideas on how to make our own Grovedale Box World and maybe have our own exhibition in school (Mr Ramage)…so watch this space and as our project develops we will let you know about it on our Blog.

Please enjoy below some video of the trip too

Prep trip to Box World 2011 from Mr Ramage on Vimeo.

Why don’t you add a comment about Box World…what do you think about our idea to make a Grovedale Box world?

Would you like to help us make our box world, could you help the children to film and photo the local area? Are you good at building models?