Terrific Term Two!

How lucky the Preps have been in the past few weeks of school! From special live performances to meeting a new furry friend; it has already been an action packed term and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the past 5 weeks have absolutely flown by! It’s crazy to think that next week marks the halfway point of term two! Here is an overview of some of the fun and exciting things we have been getting up to in the Prep learning community.


Responsible Pet Ownership Visit

How incredibly lucky we were to have Michelle bring along her beautiful pet dalmation, ‘Snowy’ to help the Preps learn about how to be a responsible pet owner as well as how to stay safe around dogs. Some lucky children even had the opportunity to approach Snowy after asking the owner, ‘Can I please pat your dog?’, using a low closed hand. Needless to say, the students were all very excited to have Snowy within their classroom and learnt some valuable tips for staying safe around and respecting dogs.

Students learn how to act around an aggressive dog: here they are practising standing still and ‘quiet as a mouse’ and looking at the ground to avoid eye contact with the dog.

Noah approaches Snowy after asking Michelle if it’s okay to pat her (very important).


Measurement and Length with a stylish purpose!

In Maths the students discovered that they were to use their measurement skills to help design the ideal accessory for their teachers furry friends. Using unifix blocks, they had to carefully measure out the correct length of their teacher’s pet’s neck to create a new collar for them. As luck would have it, it just so happened to be the birthday of  Mr. Campbell’s dog, ‘Basil’ (pictured looking super impressed below featuring Gilbert’s photo bombing skills)

Basil (and the other teacher’s pets) were absolutely blown away  by the way their beautifully designed collars fit their necks to perfection. Luckily the students were able to check their measurements to see if the collar needed to be shorter or longer before they began designing the collar itself. Take a look at some of the students with their designs below:


Magic Words Performance

What a special afternoon we had last week as we learnt about ‘the magic words’ we can use to be kind and respectful to one another. During the performance which featured a young disrespectful boy and an alien called ‘Zanna’ form the planet ‘Zilch’; children laughed and applauded as they learnt about how they can affect others with their words such as: ‘please, thankyou, excuse me, you’re welcome’ 

It truly has been an eventful term and we can’t wait for all the fun that’s to come as we move into the second half of term two!
As always, feel free to leave a comment as we love hearing from our wider Prep community and your thoughts on all the wonderful things we have happening at school.

Bye for now!

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