Guided Investigations – Personal History Focus

Hi everyone, 

Congratulations on your first full week of school, Preps! You all did a great job by trying your best each day and taking care of each other. Well done!

This term during Investigations, students are being guided to explore personal identity and history. In the first two weeks of term, they were asked to think of something special about themselves that they could share with classmates. They were introduced to the idea of planning before creating and sharing. Their plans consisted of drawing ideas, thinking about materials needed and explaining this to a teacher before creating through building, drawing, painting or writing. Teachers supported students to consider their plans as ‘instructions’ to be used when creating. You saw this work when students took it home at the end of Week Two.

Some interesting questions were generated following this process:

  • Why do babies need milk?
  • Why can’t babies talk like us?
  • Why aren’t babies very strong?
  • Why do some people have twins?
  • Why is Ava so helpful?
  • How do we go from small to big?
  • How do we grow up?

Last week, to further stimulate questions about their own and others’ families and cultures, students paired up to explore information books and find interesting pictures. Afterwards they were supported to extend themselves by choosing a different medium to share a fact from their book with others.

Layla composed a song to tell others about her family. Jay and Charli collaborated by providing music and dance. You can view their performance below. (The second video was recorded in a quiet room so as to hear Layla’s words).


Like last term, Preps will be supported to develop essential learning capabilities (the 6Cs) while exploring their identity and history. The development of skills in the areas of character, citizenship, communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking and knowlegde construction, gives students the tools they need to become lifelong learners who can adapt with flexibility and optimism to an ever changing world.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

The Prep Team

3 thoughts on “Guided Investigations – Personal History Focus

  1. Wow I was so impressed with Layla, Jay and Charli’s video …well done guys

  2. Fabulous update, thank you so much, I love being able to see the work all the children are doing. Cheers Michelle, Finleigh’s mum

  3. How great was it Jasmine! It was great to see them communicating using a variety of artistic methods (dance, music and voice)!

    Thankyou Michelle! We love being able to share it with you as well.

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