Story Train Excursion Fun!

Story Train Excursion 

What an absolute ball the Preps had on Friday as we chugged our way down the train tracks from Drysdale to Queenscliffe! They were so excited to be treated to some very funny and entertaining stories along the way. We even learnt that we have some very talented actors and actresses in our group as they joined in with role plays and interactive story telling. It was a big day which involved catching a bus, then a train and even walking to the park for our stories. Needless to say, after all that fun and excitement there were a few tired faces on the train home as our little steam engines began to run out of steam. We hope you enjoy the video and photos below as much as we enjoyed our wonderful and magical day with the students.

The Prep Team.



5 thoughts on “Story Train Excursion Fun!

  1. This is so great to see they all had a fabulous time. Thanks to the Prep Team for putting together this post so promptly.

  2. Hi Preps
    Looks like you had a wonderful excursion on Friday – memories are made of this!
    Mrs Ovens

  3. Great photos and the video was a good snap shot of the day. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time.

  4. It was a fantastic day 🙂 Thankyou for your kind feedback Stacey! We love to keep our learning community informed and Friday was just too much fun to not share it!

  5. Thanks so much for your positive feedback Kelly! We sure enjoyed our fun-filled day! I think the teachers/ parent helpers would have slept just as well as Preps haha.

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