Term 4, Week 3, 2016 – Learning Snapshot

Hi everyone,

Here is some of the learning undertaken last week…

Investigations – Guided Inquiry: Our Community

As you know, during Weeks 1 and 2, students focused on what they know about their community, creating artefacts and writing to share with the visiting friends and their classmates.

On Monday last week, the whole class enjoyed viewing a ‘My Story’ created by Owen and Lindsay. The boys had worked with a teacher during Week 2, to access Google maps in order to get an idea of where Grovedale fits into the global community.

Later, we discussed what ‘community’ means. A community is the place we live, work and play! There are different kinds of communities: urban, suburban and rural.

We talked about why it is good to live in our community.

Jack: ‘We do fun things’.

Indigo: ‘You can live next to your favourite place’.

Conner H: ‘We have hospitals’.

Ruby J: ‘We have playgrounds’.

Will H: ‘We can go to the beach’.

Willow: ‘We can play netball’.

Zaidyn: ‘We can play cricket’.

Indigo: ‘We can paint’.

Following this we set off on a Community Walk to get us thinking about things we want to find out about our community.

On return from our walk, students brainstormed questions about things they wanted to find out:


Later in the week, they used books, apps and teacher selected videos to find out about their questions. Below you can view one of the selected videos.

Students also used this app in an effort to answer their questions:

Tune in to future posts to see what they find out!

Writing -Narrative focus

Students continue to stretch themselves when writing, according to their own individual focus (eg. using spaces; using upper case letters to start and full stops to finish; writing a whole sentence or more than one sentence; experimenting with punctuation). In addition, as a group, they continue to enjoy exploring different genres of writing. For example, they wrote recounts in Weeks 1 and 2, of their holidays and of the Prep Activity Night; revisited procedural writing while planning their gourmet pizza construction, and narrative when they drew and wrote their own ‘problem’ for a shared read aloud story.

Last week, Preps delved further into narrative text construction. Some experimented with writing a complete short narrative piece including a character(s), setting, problem and solution. You can read some of these in one of the posts coming up next week.

Others explored creating a solution to a problem. These students took part in a shared read aloud. The teacher stopped reading just before the problem in the story was solved and it was up to students to think, talk, draw and write their own solutions! We loved hearing their ideas for how they thought the story should end!

Next, they created their own character as a group using a new app named ‘Character Creator’. Each student thought up a sentence about her, told a friend and wrote it down.

Maths – Introduction to Sharing

After a warm-up whereupon student were required to share themselves equally between chalk circles in home group, they heard and created number stories as an introduction to the idea of sharing (division).

You can enjoy this new learning with them below by viewing the iMovie.

Below is a You Tube clip containing animated sharing stories your children might enjoy. Why not make up some of your own at home?

Have a great week!

The Prep Team


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