Term 2, Week 6, 2016 – Brazilian Adventure!

Hello everyone! We are so happy you can join us on our latest virtual journey to Brazil…


During Luna the green tree frog’s visit, Preps practised their growing skills in how to find answers for our questions and also in showing learning during Investigation Inquiry Based Learning sessions. Students collaborated in research, using teacher-selected sources of information via books and the internet. They worked together to communicate their learning using mixed media of construction (paper/feathers/play dough); dance (samba) and electronic information texts (My Story app).

Students are showing increased confidence in presenting learning and thinking in a variety of ways. They are encouraged to try new media, ask for help when needed, learn from and teach their friends when trying new things and to take great pride in the effort expended in putting new skills into practise.




Following the exciting visit by two of the Geelong Cats football players, Preps wrote recounts. They ‘kicked goals’ also, by remembering to write left to right, top to bottom and to put spaces between words. We also talked about adding more detail when writing a recount (eg. ‘Who? What? When? Where?)


Writing skills were also put to good use to create passports to enable safe travel to and from Brazil.

Descriptive Writing

It’s important to provide learners with adequate time to practise newly learned skills. To this end, we enjoyed a read aloud of ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson and then created a ‘word shower’ in our home groups before creating an oral sentence and writing. We have done this previously when describing our mothers prior to Mothers’ Day.


Students focused on a new reading strategy this week: ‘use first sounds – get your mouth ready to read’. They continue to use the two more familiar strategies we focused on last week: ‘point under every word; use the pictures’.

During Guided Reading Groups teachers ask students to talk about which strategies they are selecting for use during their reading. If students can talk about the process of reading (eg. choosing a strategy, seeing if it works and if not, choosing a different strategy) they are able to take a systematic, problem solving approach to reading. They are also empowered to help their friends during ‘Read to Someone’ – when one student helps another with his or her learning, they are likely to both become stronger in that area.


We had a measurement focus in numeracy sessions this week: ‘Capacity’. Students explored the meaning of ‘capacity’ as a whole group and spent the week measuring the capacity of different objects using a variety of informal units of measurement.

Grandparents’ Day

Thank you to all the wonderful grandparents, great-grandparents and other special people who visited our classroom last Tuesday. It was so lovely to have you with us! The children enjoyed your company greatly and we hope that the conversations you had together while working on your take home gift warmed your hearts.

Things to remember…

Thank you for returning your School Nurse forms. If you have not returned yours yet, please do so this week.

Ecolinc excursion consent forms to be returned.

Kids’ Kitchen is on this Friday, May 27th.


Have a great week!

The Prep Team


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