Learning Tips – Term 2, Week 2, 2016


rEd writing app

Students will be using this app during ‘Word Work’ in reading sessions this week. The app reinforces the most common sounds made by letters of the alphabet and gives students opportunity to practice writing upper and lower case letters and numbers in a fun way. This video will give you some tips if you would like to try the app at home!


Talk together about the length of things at home. Here are some ideas:

  • compare the length of different object (eg. ‘Which sock is longer? Which sock is shorter?’)
  • objects of different lengths/heights in ascending/descending order; describe them using words like ‘long’, ‘longer’ and ‘longest’
  • estimate the length of common objects (eg. ‘I think this book might be 10 blocks long. What do you think?’ – then check together)
  • take turns to toss a toy/bean bag or roll ball gently; measure the length of the roll using heel to toe foot steps or hand spans for shorter distances


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