Learning Tips, Term 1, Week 7, 2016

Magic Words

Students are doing a FANTASTIC job of practising their Magic Words at home! This is great because learning Magic Words will help your children to learn how to read and write! Here are some ideas from previous years of how you can have fun learning your Magic Words at home.


Look for Magic Words in your reader when you look at it by yourself or read it with someone!


Eli and his Dad built train tracks and placed Magic Words beside them. Every time the train went past a Magic Word they read it together!

Magic Words learning idea

Or you could ‘hide’ individual Magic Words around the house where your child will find them. Ask your child to bring them to you when s/he finds one, and read it to you. You can help if it is tricky!

Sight Words App

Mr Ramage created these videos showing how to use a useful Sight Words app. You might like to try this!

We hope you have fun trying some of these ideas at home!

The Prep Team


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