Term 4, Week 8

Wow! Week 8 was an awesome week of fun and learning!


Students continued to demonstrate considerate behaviour towards classmates, teachers and other community members during the second week of the swimming program. They were also amazingly organised, getting changed efficiently and keeping track of all their belongings. Well done, Preps! Playing in the Water Fun Park at the pool on Friday was definitely a highlight of the week!


On Tuesday, students prepared for their visit to a local kindergarten by brainstorming questions to help them find out the kind of games new preps might like to play for learning next year. Afterwards, we walked down the the Grovedale Community Hub Centre and spent some time with the kinder kids there.

Upon our return to class, students chose their own groups and nominated a learning game they would like to make. Before heading off to finalise plans together, students could be heard asking each other ‘But where is the learning?’. Using feedback from each other and teachers, they planned and commenced constructing some fun learning games for the new preps to enjoy next year.

This project is rich in opportunity for students to develop ‘the 6Cs’ – that is, the qualities and skills required for lifelong learning! For example:

  • Character: students are seeking feedback and using it to improve their games; they are working through challenges and setbacks with perseverance and grit (eg. if one material like sufficient numbers of cardboard tubes, is unavailable, students are thinking about a substitute materials and using them with excellent effect!)
  • Citizenship: the children are highly motivated by the reason behind their creative ventures – to help the new preps next year have fun while they are learning! Some students are verbalising that they are looking forward to helping the preps next year.
  • Communication: preps are really challenging themselves to think about what will be fun for the new preps next year. They are tuning in to the importance of bringing the learning in their game to the forefront without too many unnecessary distractions/decorations
  • Creativity: students are displaying the perseverance required to hold onto their vision until their task is brought to completion
  • Collaboration: preps are engaged in some effective teamwork – listening to and incorporating each other’s ideas, speaking respectfully and sharing equipment
  • Critical Thinking and Knowledge Construction: students are testing their games to see if they have the desired effect; they are using what they know, to teach others; they are applying logic and reasoning (for example, Remy and Yize showed their ‘Dinosaur Game’ could be useful for students to learn about the passage of food from mouth to bottom and also about the importance of eggs in the life cycle of dinsosaurs)

The teachers are looking forward to playing some of the games with students next week!


‘Making a book for a friend’ has been very exciting this week! Early in the week, preps asked a friend what kinds of characters and settings they would like in a story book/narrative piece of writing. Equipped with this information, pairs have separated in order to write and illustrate a book for their friend. We are all looking forward to reading the stories our friends have written for us. Without giving too much away, here are some opening pages…


Students were introduced to the concept of ‘sharing’ this week. They played two games, one which involved ‘sharing’ a certain number of counters between the number of groups indicated on a rolled die. They scored two points if the counters could be shared with no ‘left overs’ / ‘remainders’ and one point if there was a remainder.

The other game required them to place a collection of objects into certain sized groups (eg. putting 20 ‘biscuits’ into groups containing only two biscuits each and finding out how many groups this makes). Students had opportunity to begin constructing an understanding of ‘sharing’ through use of concrete materials like counters and play dough and talking with their partners.

Things to remember…

Thank you to everyone who has returned the permission slip for the impending pre-concert visit to The Arena.

Please remember to return consent forms for the End Of Year Excursion to Barwon Heads if you have not already done so.

The last Kids’ Kitchen Special Lunch Day will be held this Friday December 4th. All orders with correct money are due in on Wednesday December 2nd.

Students will enjoy two transition sessions to the Jpod this week – one Monday and one Wednesday.

School Concert this Thursday night!

Have a great week!

The Prep Team.


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