Term 4, Week 3 & 4

Hi everyone! Why not check out the new Prep News Board started up by students last week? It is located in the Book Corner. Last week students posted comments about their ‘Minute To Win It!’ experiences during writing session. They will have opportunity to comment on other parts of the school day and to respond to classmates’ comments, too. Feel free to see what’s new on The Board when you drop off your child!

This week students focused on correct use of the conjunction ‘and’ in writing. After trying out some amazing circus skills, they wrote about their funny feats using ‘and’. For example, ‘I can hoola hoop and juggle’. While learning new writing skills, preps are doing a great job of remembering the ones they have already learned, like using a full stop to finish a sentence, an uppercase letter to begin and re-reading to ensure their writing makes sense.

Students enjoyed poetry read alouds of some Roald Dahl ‘Revolting Rhymes’ last week as part of their exposure to a wide variety of text types during reading sessions. They even experimented with creating their own poems! This week they are tuning in to reading letters through read alouds of ‘The Jolly Postman’, ‘Dear Greenpeace’ and ‘Click Clack Moo: Cows that type’.

During numeracy sessions students continue to focus on addition, subtraction and two digit place value.

During Investigations in Week 2, students were inspired by one group’s animation showing an aspect of the community they felt was important. Last week they brainstormed people who make a positive contribution to our community. This is the list they came up with:

Following this, preps were placed into randomly chosen groups of three. Each group jointly chose a special person from the community on whom to focus their research and learning. Their directive was to consider why these people are important to our community with the aim of creating an animation to showcase this learning for others.

To this end, groups have planned together; explained their plans to a teacher; experimented with using the ‘I Can Animate’ app and commenced building a diorama which will function as a mini film set. Filming will take place this Thursday.

This experience is giving opportunity for preps to develop skills needed for life long learning, in particular, collaboration. The video below shows some prep thinking about their community learning and about their experiences with group work.


Speaking of community, Mr Ramage’s special bear, Ed, has some friends visiting from overseas. These friends are taking turns to go home with students for a week each in order to learn about our community. Preps are helping the friends record their experiences together by creating their own writing and drawings for the journal that accompanies the friend. Students may also include photos if they like.


Have a great week!

The Prep Team.

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