Term 4 Week 2 Literacy & Numeracy

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In other learning last week….

Reading – Exploring different text types!

Students continue to be challenged by teachers in guided reading groups to independently choose and use CAFE reading strategies while reading readers. You can encourage this when you read at home with your child. If they are stuck, wait three seconds then ask them ‘Coach or time?’

As a whole group, we read a newspaper article about bees from a kids’ newspaper, a children’s magazine and a ‘Dennis the Menace’ comic strip. Students linked the comic strip to the digital text of the ‘Dennis the Menace’ cartoon and movie. All of these texts present information in different formats and for different reasons. At home, talk with your child about the different text types you see around you. For example, if you are looking at a kid’s magazine together, discuss what message you think the author wanted to get across to you and why different colours, font sizes and text boxes may have been used. If you’re reading a comic together, consider the shapes of the speech/thought bubbles, caption boxes and the print features – why do you think that word is in bold type? Why do you think the author wrote that sentence in all upper case letters?

Last Wednesday we had some special visitors in to read with us! Grovedale College Year 7 students came over to share the different books they had created, with the preps. Preps were treated to a range of texts – fiction and non-fiction created using mixed media of drawing, painting, collage and digital format. Before session end students shared their favourite books and asked some questions about the book making process. They learned that the Year 7s plan before making, just like preps do!


Individualised focus areas for writing last week were: learning to use connectives correctly (like ‘and’, ‘then’, ‘because’); correct use of a full stop and upper case letter to begin a sentence; re-reading writing as you go to ensure it makes sense.

When your children write at home, encourage them to always re-read their writing before they are finished.

Seeing as their were lots of birthday parties in the holidays, students were given opportunity to write about one of the best parties they have ever been to! Here is some of their work…

Maths – subtraction & two digit place value…

Some students were introduced to the concept of ‘subtraction’ – they were exposed to other words that mean the same thing, like ‘take away’ and ‘minus’. Students told each other number stories & used tens frames and counters to model their stories for a friend. At home, tell subtraction number stories to each other using real life objects (eg. socks). Students are only working between 0 and 20 at this stage.

Other students are consolidating two digit place value learning. Solid understanding of place value is an essential foundation for further numeracy learning and will help students get to grips with the slightly tricky ‘teen’ numbers! Learning took place while playing the card game ‘Go Fish!’ with place value playing cards.

Concurrently, students continue to revise previous learning during ‘warm ups’ that help them tune in to the impending numeracy session. Two recent warm up games have been ‘Bump!’ and ‘Doubles Bingo’. ‘Bump!’ reminds students that when adding a small number (like 1, 2 or 3) to a larger number, counting on is a good strategy. ‘Doubles Bingo’ teaches children that they can learn useful facts to assist them in problems requiring addition. Numeracy strategies are like reading strategies – you can choose the strategies you know when you are solving maths problems! At home, give each other ‘Doubles Facts’ quizzes (students will let you know which doubles facts they are ready for). Start with doubles facts to 10. Use household objects to model the doubles if they find it difficult!

Investigations Creations

Following our short community walk in Week One, students identified people and things in our community & considered why they are important. Working individually or in small groups, they received a ‘building license’ once they had planned how to show their learning and set to work on their creations. After a gallery walk to share the learning it went on display and can be viewed in the prep room.

Here is a snapshot of the learning taking place in Term 4 Week 3:

Have a great week!

The Prep Team.


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