Term 3, Week 4, 2015

Last week was very full and exciting! Check out the video below for a quick look at some of the learning undertaken by students.



Our trip to Scienceworks went very smoothly and gave us all food for thought! Thank you to our two parent helpers for the day, Jess and Jeremy. Photos of the day will be posted soon.





Learning tips…

Here are some ideas you might like to try at home based on our learning last week:


  • practise skip counting together (start with 10s and 5s and move on to 2s if your child would like to)
  • talk together about the coins and notes you use when handling money during your daily activities
  • practise mentally ‘counting on’ by 1, 2 and 3 from a bigger number (for example: ‘5 and 2 more is….?’ or ’22 and 1 more is…?’
  • play ‘What is the number before/after?’ games
  • encourage your child to draw a number story and tell you about it (for example: ‘there were 4 snails and 3 more came along, then there were 7 snails altogether’)


  • encourage your child to listen and look for interesting words and ask about their meanings during story time, conversations and when watching television


  • encourage your children to write about things that interest them when at home (for example: shopping lists; household job roster; reader into the diary; Magic Words; experiences like play dates, weekend activities and exciting things at school they want to share with you)

Social wellbeing:

  • talk with your children about how we all experience different emotions throughout the day and strategies they can use to change the way they feel should they wish to do so

Well done on a great week, Preps!

The Prep Team.




2 thoughts on “Term 3, Week 4, 2015

  1. Thank you teachers for taking the time to post these great updates! We truly appreciate your work. Anna and Anthony (Bonnie’s mum and Dad)

  2. Thanks Anna and Anthony! We love doing the posts because we get to celebrate the students’ learning all over again in slow motion! The Prep Team.

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