Our Learning in T2 W1, 2015

We  have filled every corner of our first week back with wonderful learning! Here is a snapshot of Term Two, Week One.


We read to learn while we learn to read!


We started working in our new writing groups this week! Students wrote about their favourite holiday experience. Before writing they thought, drew a picture and said what they wanted to write. The skill of creating a simple oral sentence after thinking and drawing is a very important and celebrated part of the writing process for preps. They watched teachers use Magic Words, put spaces between words and use their phoneme fists and alphabet strips before writing. Each was supported according to their needs to assist students in attaining a sense of achievement and success. Here is some of their work.


Both numeracy groups focused on matching number names to numerals and numerals to quantities, according to individual student needs. We had lots of fun doing this, as you can see from the pictures below! We also spent one numeracy session outside as a whole group, playing movement based maths games designed around the above learning objective. We all agreed that we should do maths outside more often!


The whole class viewed this video as a stimulus, then broke into home groups for discussion.

Students in home groups briefly worked in small groups to formulate questions raised by the video, then voted as a whole group as to which question they would like to talk about. Some of their thinking is shown below.


Investigations will be a little bit different this term. We began our new inquiry focus this week. Have a look at the video below to find out more.

Well done preps! You have been great learners this week and settled back into your learning routines very well! The teachers are looking forward having fun learning with you this week!

The Prep Team.

3 thoughts on “Our Learning in T2 W1, 2015

  1. Hi Preps!

    I have been reading your blog every week! I can’t believe all the things you are learning at school! You really are as smart as Ed the Ted said you are!

    When Ed visited me in Term One, he showed me how to play Australian rules footy! I have taught all my friends how to play and we play in the park every Saturday.

    I sent Miss Benci and Miss Smith a photo of me with the football Ed gave me. They can show you at school this week!

    I would like to know what sport you like?

    Love from Pierre (The Bear)

  2. Great work guys, we look forward to reading all about what goes on in the classroom. Keep up the great work

  3. Hello Preps. I love seeing all of the wonderful learning you are doing. I especially liked reading about your holidays.

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