Our GWPS School Beliefs

Our 4 core GWPS School Beliefs were recently highlighted in the ‘Link’ newsletter.

The students in our 1/2 area thought it would be a good idea to try and re-write the beliefs in a way that could be easy for our new prep students to understand.

The students did this collaboratively with the Jpod working together to produce 4 Y charts (one for each School Belief) attempting to show in pictures and words what each belief would ‘look like’, ‘sound like’ and ‘feel like’ at Grovedale West primary school.

Here is what the 1/2 students came up with

– We can all learn.
– A safe school is a happy school.
– We all look after each others things.
– We need to take care of each other.We need to be friendly to each other.

The 1/2 students shared these posters in our first whole school assembly and they have now helped to narrate a film to show to the preps.

The students will be watching the film in class but it would be great to watch it with your child so you can help them understand each of the beliefs.

It would be great to leave a comment to let the 1/2 students know what you thought of their work.

Many Thanks
The Prep Team

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