The “so what” of our Community Investigations

As our learning about the local community has developed this term, the students have been immersed in much information to help guide them towards something they can achieve to make a difference in their own lives or the lives of others in the community.

After our local community walk and our community immersion activities, the students noticed some rubbish outside in the local environment. During recent classroom activities we have explored the impact that rubbish can have on the local community and last week we asked the students the ‘SO WHAT’ question – ie given everything they have learnt about our community and the impact that rubbish in the community can have on animals, plants and humans, what are you going to do about it??

The students decided that they needed to find out first why people dropped rubbish on the ground. They decided to survey the school and the overwhelming message they got from other students was that people dropped rubbish usually because they were being Lazy. They decided that they needed to take the following action:

– Organise a clean up day for the local environment,and
– Use books, posters, songs, puppets shows, films and the prep blog to spread their message about the need to look after our environment.

We have been overwhelmed by the quality and creativity displayed by the students in their learning and we hope you will take the time to listen to the messages in their work below. There are lots of students featured in many of the pieces. It is truly amazing for such young learners to be using their literacy, numeracy, technology and thinking skills to such great effect.

Prep rubbish campaign -Books and posters below -by Ella, Josh, Joseph, Charlotte W, Angelina, Mikaylah, Ronak, Averleigh, Fynn, Imogen, Toby, Samantha

Our Clean up the School day will take place on Friday 5th December.

We are sure that the prep students are already making a difference to their local community, with their messages and desire to help look after our world.

3 thoughts on “The “so what” of our Community Investigations

  1. Hi Preps.
    You have so many great ideas to help keep our community clean and safe.

    I am really looking forward to your special clean up day on Friday and think that you are great role models for all of the other children in the school.

    Mr Lynch also likes your ideas and thinks that you are very clever how you have shared them with everyone so that they know what to do. Well done.

    I don’t think that anyone will want to drop rubbish now!

  2. Wow Preps- here is the best evidence ever collected in one place on the impact that having a purpose for learning has. A fabulous demonstration of what we mean when we say children need real reasons to read, write and use maths. Friday December 5th- I’ll be out picking up rubbish with our Prep ‘agents of change’!
    Awesome work
    Mrs Ovens

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