Prep assembly items

In case you were unable to get to our prep/1/2 Assembly on Friday, here are the two items which were shared by the prep students.

Our first ever edition of Prep News.

We think you will agree that our news presenters are very confident and articulate and we must stress that the students were not speaking from a well rehearsed script. The news report was put together in the normal course of one of our Investigations sessions this week, with just a little teacher input around the filming and presentation issues. The vocabulary and learning ideas came from the students!!

Our second item is a film explaining how the students have been immersed in activities this week to teach them about community and hopefully inspire and motivate them to want to make a difference in our local community. We are exited to see where the students will take their learning over the next few weeks as, guided by the teachers and each others ideas, they create authentic opportunities to make a difference to our local community.

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