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This week we introduced the prep students to the online music website ‘Incredibox’. The context for this was creating a class musical composition to show how creating a culturally diverse and colourful ‘community’ was similar to creating an interesting and colorful piece of music. i.e. if we were all exactly the same and played the same beat the world wouldn’t be as good a place to live in.

The students really engaged with the musical idea and it has inspired at least one student to create his own musical composition. We all listened to it today and the class thought it was fantastic. Here is the link if you would like to check out the composition. We thought it was very clever, especially the precise way which the track comes to an end with the different musical layers being removed. Jimi told us that he had to make sure he divided the time up that was left in the recording to do that!

we also have another composition

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