Aboriginal Cultural Centre

We had a fantastic visit today to connect with our local aboriginal cultural centre on Torquay Rd, Narana. As you will see from the film, the students had a fantastic time painting boomerangs using their knowledge of aboriginal symbols, listening to dreamtime stories, exploring aboriginal instruments and artifacts and throwing boomerangs.

When we returned to school, the prep students used their writing skills to write about the trip, some writing letters home and some writing thank you letters to Narana, which we copied and emailed to Narana.

We also received such positive feedback from our hosts at Narana, firstly commenting about the amazing quality of the painting work which went into the boomerangs and then secondly, about how well mannered and respectful all the students were. We will pick up the boomerangs tomorrow so the students can bring them home.

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  1. That is a great clip Mr Ramage. Jossi couldn’t stop talking about his day (leaving not much for Zarah to share). He wants to practice throwing the Boomerang so that it returns on his throw. Thank you for taking our kids to Narana.

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