Philosophy for Children with Austen’s Butterfly

Austen’s Butterfly is an inspiring and though provoking film which demonstrates the power of quality feedback (peer critique) and persistence among other things in the pursuit of quality learning. It is certainly worth watching by anyone involved in education; teachers, students and parents alike.

We watched the film below as a staff recently and reflected on the power that this approach could have throughout the school; students seeing the need to re-work and re-draft based on feedback they receive from teachers and other students and the need to strive for excellence and show persistence with their learning opportunities.

Like the grade 1/2 team did early this week, we used the film today as a stimulus for our weekly planned Philosophy session and we were very impressed with the thinking and articulation of the students after watching the film. The short film made below was unrehearsed and the video of the students comments were taken without any prompting other than the comments and questions raised during the circle discussion.

We can certainly see the benefits of our regular philosophy sessions in helping the students articulate their thinking and strengthen and develop their speaking and listening skills.

We are looking forward to exploring the positive attitudes to learning shown in Austen’s butterfly further with the students. We can see the story of Austen’s butterfly being a great point of reference for students in Prep and throughout the school.

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