Awesome author visit for book week.

The prep students were lucky to meet awesome author Lee Fox today as part of our book week celebrations. She entertained the students with reading and performing some of her books and shared with them some great ways to create and plan stories and poetry that rhymes. It was really interesting to see her present one of her stories ’10 little Hermit crabs’ using a traditional Japanese Kamishibai (see

After the session the prep students had a go at writing their own rhyming poem, which was really challenging but very enjoyable. The students took on the challenge and edited and re-worked their poems until they sounded just right.

We hope you enjoy the short video which shares some of the Lee Fox presentation and some of the students poetry.

7 thoughts on “Awesome author visit for book week.

  1. It never ceases to amaze me seeing preps reading and writing only this far into there prep year. Well done preppies! A year 1/2 parent 😀

  2. Hi Kerri, yes, it is amazing! We sent the link from the blog to Lee Fox the author and she thought the children’s work was fantastic. The kids will be so excited to know that the author has listened to their poems!

  3. Wow preps amazing work, you have all worked so hard and have done a terrific job, what wonderful little authors we have !!

  4. Fantastic to see and hear the rhyming words our preps can put together. They look as though they have lots of fun whilst learning.

  5. Wonderful poetry everyone!
    Looks like you all had a lot of fun.
    I can’t believe how much rhyming you’ve done.
    I’m so inspired, I think I might go and write some!!

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