Prep assembly items

If you couldn’t make the assembly last Friday, we hope you enjoy the two videos below showcasing the prep’s learning in Maths and Auslan.

5 thoughts on “Prep assembly items

  1. I have just watched the teddy cloak measuring and was very impressed! What a great way to learn, maths and literacy all rolled into one fun exercise. Great. And what a fantastic group of children.

  2. This looks like loads of fun!! We have been measuring length, weight and capacity in Prep at my school but I never thought of ordering a cloak for Wally or Talking Tiger!! We measure in blocks too and found out how long we were using all sorts of things around the classroom like icy pole sticks, paper, whiteboards and glue sticks. I also love your Auslan performance… it’s great to be able to communicate in a different language. From Miss O’Bree at South Geelong Primary School.

  3. Hi Miss O’Bree, great to hear from you, sounds like your Prep’s are having fun with their measuring too. Thanks for posting onto the blog. Mr Ramage

  4. Hi Louise, thanks for your comments, we love it when the children can experience their learning in such fun and relevant ways. Mr Ramage

  5. Hi,
    Rizq was upset that I missed the assembly. But luckily I can still see the performance.

    Thanks Mr. Ramage and teachers. Great Job!

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