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At the end of every Prep Investigations session comes a very important aspect of the children’s learning; reporting and reflecting on the learning.

Each day 2 different students are chosen to accompany the teacher for the final 30 minutes of ‘Investigations’ to find examples of ‘good learning’ that can be reported to the class at the end of the session. As the students move around the room they use the ipad to take photos of the children they are speaking to and ask questions to find out what the children are doing, what they are learning from this and what they might do next. Every session they have to interview a student who has not already been reported on. This is a great chance for the teacher to coach and scaffold the children about what ‘good learning’ looks like and to discuss the sorts of opportunities for learning that present themselves during Investigations time. This process also helps to build the oral language skills of the two reporter students and of the students that are chosen to be reported on.

The teachers track this carefully so that we ensure all the students will have a chance to be a reporter and to be chosen to be reported on.

Once the reporters have finished the interviews they then help the teacher make a comic book poster. These posters are put up onto the large Interactive Whiteboard screen in the classroom and the reporters then present the 5 minute ‘Prep News’. The reporters use a microphone to speak to the class and to explain the learning they have seen around the room.

The comic book posters are then printed out and they either come home with the students or if you have let us have your e-mail they are send straight to you to enjoy. We have had some lovely feedback from parents that they enjoy recieving these emails.

Here are some examples of the comic book posters which show the diverse range of planning, thinking, creativity and learning which are already happening every day in the prep room.

2 thoughts on “Prep Investigations Reporting ; Prep News!!

  1. Well done everyone – lots of fantastic fun learning 🙂 The learners and reporters have all done such a great job!
    I love that public speaking and presenting is something the students get involved in right from the start. What a great skill for them to be comfortable with from an early age.
    Keep up the great work kids 🙂

  2. Thanks Kate, yes it’s great to watch them so confidently using their speaking skills and presenting to an audience.
    Mr Ramage

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