Welcome to Prep 2014 – Film Trailer

Welcome to all our new Prep learners, new subscribers and followers to the blog.

We hope you enjoy following the blog and that you are are able to leave comments from time to time. We try to make time to read these in class and the Preps love to know that their learning and achievements are being shared with a wider audience. Remember anyone can subscribe to follow the blog, so pass the address onto grandparents and other family members wherever in the world they might be.

Look out for our ‘learning tips’ on the blog and don’t forget that you can always find old blog posts by using the archive section of the blog.

Watch the trailer below for a taste of things to come with with this years prep students….here we go on our Learning Journey together!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Prep 2014 – Film Trailer

  1. Hi Preps, Parents and Teachers
    What a treat. I am looking forward to many more Chapters in the ‘Prep Learning Journey’!
    Mrs Gillian Ovens

  2. Keep up the great work preps, looking forward to seeing more films about the way you are learning.. Wish school was this fun when I was little…

  3. I can’t wait to see the many interesting adventures that the Preps will enjoy this year. With the enthusiasm for learning that they are already demonstrating, they are sure to sail through a wonderful year.

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