Prep Community Exhibition 2013

The final part of our Community Inquiry took place recently when our students exhibited their learning about Community to the local community. The Exhibition was a fabulous conclusion to our Inquiry learning with 234 visitors sharing the learning journey with the students. It was wonderful to watch the students using their speaking skills to present their learning and we had so many fantastic tour guides operating in the room. Thankyou to everyone who came along and to everyone who left us a written comment or recorded what they thought of the exhibition. There were too many comments to share them all but we have included a few on the following video.

After the exhibition we gave the students the chance to reflect on their learning by drawing and writing about what they thought would make a good community. Their work displayed their understanding that a community is made up of people who work together and help each other, together with important infrastructure like houses, gardens, roads and shops. The details in many of their drawings of community were really amazing.

We hope you enjoy the following video all about the exhibition.

5 thoughts on “Prep Community Exhibition 2013

  1. Our Preps have a fantatic learning community and I know are wonderful community citizens. Their exhibition was a great example of how people can work and share together in an enjoyable and positive way.
    Congratulations Preps (and your teachers) for producing such an entertaining exhibition.
    My friends in a school in Norway have taken a peak at your blog and community research and have asked me to tell you how much they enjoyed it.

  2. Fantastic exhibition! Preps, I like how creative, confident & thoughtful you all are.
    Thanks teachers; you’re AWESOME!

  3. I loved seeing how excited the kids were about showing us all their hard work. A lot of effort was put in by both students and teachers. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

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