10 000 visitors to the prep blog!

Today marks a landmark for our prep blog as we recieved our 10 000th visitor from somewhere around our world. The blog has now recieved visits from 102  countries around the world and we have recived 476 written comments to the blog from as far away as the United States and recently our friends in Switzerland.


The prep blog started about 2 years ago as a way of sharing the work our Prep unit was doing as part of a department sponsored research project looking at the ways to incorporate Technology into the prep classroom to enhance digital literacies. At that stage we didn’t imagine the impact the blog would have on our school community and we certainly didn’t anticipate that we would have written 95 posts over the two years. The school now has blogs in each of the other levels and hopefully these will continue to be developed to show the varied and rich learning that is going on every day at Grovedale West Primary School.

What began as a way of sharing our work with technology has developed into an ‘eye’ into our classroom.  We know that our parents and families really enjoy being able to follow what is happening with their children’s learning and the many photos and videos posted enable those special moments to be shared beyond the walls of our room. We know that students with families interstate and overseas find the blog a great way to experiences some special moments in the lives of their grandchildren, nephews, neices and cousins.

What we also didn’t forsee is the number of other teaching professionals who follow the blog and have given us feedback on the blog and been inspired by some of the ideas we have shared over the last two year.

It is a time consuming job to prepare photos, videos and to write blog posts and is one of those things done outside of school hours in a teacher’s life, but it is worthwhile and rewarding when you know that the work is appreciated by the school community and the wider world of  teaching professionals.

This is the cluster map which shows the places around the world that we have recieved visits from. We are currently exploring what ‘Community’ means with our students and looking at the map we can see the world community that we are living in and sharing our learning journeys with.


10 000 visits from around the world!



If you are responsible for one of our red dots from around the world and are a regular visitor to our blog we would love for you to post just a short comment on this post to tell us who you are and where you are from in the World. It would be very exciting for the students and the teachers to help experience our global community.


10 thoughts on “10 000 visitors to the prep blog!

  1. Whoo Hoo! This is awesome 🙂 I’m a teacher on maternity leave in Hobart, Tasmania, your blog is very inspiring, I hope to set something similar up next year when I return to work teaching upper primary. I love seeing what you are doing in your classroom. Our eldest son has just turned 6 & is in Prep too. I wish he was in your class :))

  2. I love seeing the different things happening in the class. Lots of great ideas. Alea’s Nanny Coffs Harbour

  3. Hi Gabrielle, thanks for saying hello. Good luck when you return to teaching next year, and good luck with seting up a blog, your upper primary students would love it for sure!

  4. I’m a Prep teacher from Melbourne. I love seeing what you’re doing (and agree that it’s a very time consuming but worthwhile task!). Pop in and check out our Prep blog sometime: http://prepogps2013.global2.vic.edu.au

    I would also encourage viewers of this blog to share the love and leave your Prep teachers lots of comments and feedback – it’s really encouraging when you gets lots of feedback via comments (and very discouraging when you don’t!). Just as you love seeing what your children are doing at school, we teachers love hearing what they report about the program at home! 🙂


  5. Congratulations to Mr Ramage and our amazing Prep team who continue to celebrate the pleasure of learning through their engaging blog.
    Our world might be large but it is also very connected, when ideas and knowledge can be shared in this way.

  6. Hi Amanda, thanks for posting. We will be sure to check out your blog too. I do really hope we get lots of comments from different countries around the world!

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