What has been happening in Investigations recently.

We have been seeing some amazing independent, paired and group learning during Investigations recently.

Since we introduced our new planning board to help guide and scaffold students opening questions for their Investigations we have seen an amazing change in the way that students are researching their questions and finding information out about their Inquiry topics.

We are now encouraging the students to use their writing and reading skills to find information in books they can read and also to use Internet websites such as Wiki answers and other websites to help them. Watching the students typing their questions into google (largely independently) and then reading the answers is amazing and empowering for the students as they experience how exciting learning can be!

Here are a selection of videos and photos showing some of the amazing results of the learning. It is interesting to see that the information books and posters are now including answers to the questions that the students set themselves at the start of their Investigation on their planners, together with other relevant information. They are also starting to select pictures to match their writing and visa versa and working together in a truly collaborative way.


4 thoughts on “What has been happening in Investigations recently.

  1. Julie jordans (nan) Jordan is teaching me to understand his blog,its very interesting lots of things to look at I wish I had all this technology when I was at school

  2. Hi Julie, glad to hear he is helping you to understand the blog. The preps are brought up with new technology all around them which they pick up the skills for very easily. Of course despite all the technology, they still love nothing more than a great storybook being read to them just like when we were all at school!

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