Prep excursion to Weribbee Zoo.

We had a fantastic day last week at Weribbee Zoo. We were really lucky with the weather and the kids had a fantastic day.

We have had lots of learning about animals during Investigations time, both before and after the excursion and the children all planned  and wrote a recount of the day following the excursion.

Thank-you to all the parents who came along with us to help the day run as smoothly as it did and to support the students with their investigation of the zoo.

We hope you enjoy the video below (my son Rocker chose the music to go with the video!!!)


House points for all the children who post a sentence to tell us what they enjoyed most about the day!

12 thoughts on “Prep excursion to Weribbee Zoo.

  1. Well done Jiyah! I think the bus ride was my favourite part too, especially when we saw all the animal together in the open safari. Mr Ramage

  2. I am Asha Turleys grandma, living in Perth WA. I really enjoy reading your emails and enjoyed watching the video.

  3. Hi Kate, thanks for posting to the blog, it’s lovely to know that the blog is giving you a chance to follow Asha’s prep year from WA. I will definately read your post out to the class! Thanks Mr Ramage

  4. Book day was fun and our teachers dressed up as astronauts and my favorite person was Travis, he looked like dj ran -jam.

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