Speaking, listening, thinking and questioning

Today we started our “Mystery Box” challenge.

Each week, 12 lucky children will bring home their small box to bring a special item back into class to see if their classmates can guess what is in the box from the clues they give and the questions that are asked. We break into 4 smaller groups for this so each student (both presenters and questioners) get lots of talk time.

We were very impressed today to see all 12 children remembered their special boxes and we had some great items inside, such as a magic kit, a karate belt, a snowdome, some crystals, a swiss bell and some toys. The students were so excited to share the contents of their boxes and talk about what they had brought in.

We also had some great clues given and questions asked such as ‘can you wear it?’ ‘what is it made of?’ ‘does it move?’ ‘can you eat it?’ ‘is it something you can play with?’ ‘does it bounce?’

We can’t wait to see what comes into class next Wednseday!

Thanks to Banjo’s teachers at Barwon Heads PS for this great speaking and listening idea!

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