Ipad app recommendations for Prep learners

Hi everyone and welcome back to term 3.

During our student led conferences last term a number of parents mentioned to me that they would like to know what apps we would recommend for their children to use on any ipads or ipods that they might be able to use at home. We have many apps installed on our class ipads and they serve many different purposes depending on whether the students are ‘Investigating’ or whether they are practising a specific skill, for example during letters and sounds time or numeracy.

During ‘Investigations’ the most often used trio of apps on our ipads are ‘google’ the ‘camera roll’ and ‘comic book’. Using these apps together allows students to research pictures on the internet, save them to the camera roll and then organise them into Comic Book and add labels and writing before printing.

They also frequently use the ‘ABC Little explorers’ apps which are a fantastic resourse for learning about many topics that students are interested in. There are 10 ABC Little Explorer apps including Wildlife, Food, Sports, Music, Insects, Vehicles, Farms, Zoo animals. In addition to giving kids lots of information about these topics they also help them to learn to navigate the alphabet similar to using a dictionary.

Below is a list of some of the apps that come highly recommended, many of them have free ‘lite’ versions that you could check out first:

Letters and sounds

abc pocketphonic

Montessori Crosswords

Handwriting (includes writing numbers)

rED Writing


sight words pro

Treasure Hunt

little speller Sight Words

Talking Books

Wonkey Donkey

Dr Suess books such as Fox in Socks/Green eggs and ham/Cat in the hat/ ABC

Elmer stories (Elmer and rose/The lost Teddy)


Hairy Maclary stories by Lynley Dodd (various)

Story writing (creative)

Comic book

scribble my story

My Story


Junior Toontastic



Friends of  Ten

Math Balloons

Maths Adventures (number find)

Math Bingo

4 in a row (connect 4)

Investigations (learning about the world)

ABC Wildlife

ABC Bugs


ABC Food

ABC Music

ABC Play

ABC House

ABC zooborns

ABC aquarium

ABC Farm

Good luck! If you have any questions then you can either post them on the blog or ask us in person in the classroom.

If you have any great learning apps that you think we would like to know about them please post them onto the blog for us too!

Many Thanks

The Prep Team

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