What has been happening in Investigations recently?

As we approach the middle of the year, it seems timely to reflect on and show case some of the amazing Investigations and visible thinking the prep students have been engaged in during their 2 hour daily Investigations learning sessions. They have come an amazingly long way in the 82 days they have had at school so far!

We have put together three short videos to show some of the visible thinking processes that the children are using to help them build their skills of Inquiry, research, questioning and learning about the world. You will see the children using and referring to our two Investigations planning boards. These have become an integral part of our program this term with children using the ‘questioning board’ to help them think of key questions to drive their Inquiry learning. Our planning board allows children to track their own progress by listening at the beginning of a session to their recordings on the talking tin lids and then at the end of each session updating their planning board by summarising their progress in that session and highlighting the all important ‘where to next’ step for their learning. These processes are helping the students to take control of their own learning and to set achievable learning goals or success criteria.

You will also see some of the ‘Prep guides’ to making information books, posters and Dioramas. These have been created together with the children and it has been fantastic to see the students using the criteria as they work often discussing such things as ‘Our book now needs a front page with a title’ or ‘we have to put our question and answers onto our poster‘.

The children are learning about different ways to show what they have learnt, such as producing posters, models, 3D dioramas, books and of course presenting what they have learned in oral presentations to the class.

Of course in addition to the students visible thinking skills, this learning environment gives the children plenty of time to apply and practise their literacy and numeracy skills in a meaninful way as they take forward their own personalized Inquiry learning.

We are very impressed with the learning that we see every day in our prep room. We’d love to know what you think about it?

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  1. Thanks Sarah, yes making books is a great way to help them understand what makes a good story and is the beginning of creating the authors and illustrators of the future! Mr Ramage

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