The Cheeky Chicken Adventure.

Mrs Gardiner took the chicks home for the weekend and one of them escaped around her house. Luckily she had her camera with her and this meant that the prep children were then able to write some recounts about the adventures of the cheeky chick. These have been made into a class book.

We developed specific vocabulary for the children to use by having them first read the pictures. These words were then recorded onto small whiteboards and the children worked with a partner or in small groups to produce a shared piece of writing. (We call this Interactive writing). We were very impressed with the complexity of the sentences that the children wrote.

Have a read of the pages of the book below to find out about the Adventures of the Cheeky Chick!

Fantastic work Preps!!

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  1. What fun you are all having with those cheeky little chickens! I love seeing the excellent writing you are doing. Thanks for sharing it.

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