Amazing impact that using visual learning goals can have on learning.

As you might have seen from our recent blog post, 3 weeks ago we introduced the children to a drawing rubric to show them what a good picture should look like when preparing for writing or ideas generation. As we near the end of this term we have taken some work samples directly from the children’s books. These pieces of work (shown below) are side by side from the same child’s book. In each photo the work on the left is from 7th Feb and work on the write from 19th March, just6 weeks  later.

The difference in the quality of the work is incredible and we think due in a large part to the visual rubric that we have introduced with the children. All the pictues on the right have much more detail, are carfully drawn, involve good use of colour, convey a much greater message and also include  attempts to write words and in some cases very accurately copied sentences with spaces between words and well formed letters.

We could have included work from ever one of our 50 prep childrens’ books that showed the same amazing progress but here are some of the samples which really speak for themsleves. Every student will have their own ‘before and after’ picture sample sent home at the end of term with their interim school reports.

We are so proud of how quickly the Prep children are embracing their learning and driving themselves toward the high expectations for success that we have set together with them.


6 thoughts on “Amazing impact that using visual learning goals can have on learning.

  1. What a great way to reflect on the fabulous learning the preps have been busy with over the term!

  2. Hi Kristy, thanks for your feedback. Yes it’s a great way for the kids to see their improvement too, very visual. Mr Ramage

  3. Congratulations! This is an awesome idea. I am a Prep teacher and often struggle with how to present rubrix to children. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Thanks Danielle, we found it worked really well and we are always trying to think of ways to make learning goals or criteria as visual as we can. We use visual writing goals with our prep children too, so we will post those on the blog soon.
    Thanks for your comment. Mr Ramage

  5. Hi, I loved this idea – great to see the results – I hope you won’t mind but I’ll show this to my team as it looks like it might be a great way to get those reluctant drawers motivated!

    I am a prep teacher too from Blackburn in Melbourne and have loved looking through your blog – always fab to see what other schools are doing!

    If you want to see our blog, here’s the address

    Prep N – Orchard Grove PS

  6. Hi Amanda, thanks for your comments and we are really glad that you have found some of the blog posts useful. We will certainly check out your blog too at Orchard Grove. Many thanks James ( Mr Ramage…part of the prep Team!)

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