How to practise Magic Words at home.

Banjo (who appears in these films) had just started prep. He has helped me to demonstrate different ways to learn and practise sight words. The key to the learning of the sight words is lots of practise in different ways with as much success as possible to encourage your child. This might mean making cards and just trying 3 words at a time to build up confidence, then slowly introduce other trickier words.

If your child knows some letter sounds they might use these to help them remember words, such as ‘was’ starts with a ‘wuh’ sound. However, remember the eventual goal for your child is to remember these words from their memory (ie to recall the word in less than a second). If a child is still sounding out a magic word then it is not truly known by sight until they can say it without sounding it. We want children to know these magic words by sight so they can use other strategies like ‘sounding out’ and ‘looking at the picture’ when they come to trickier words in each sentence they read.

Try to encourage your child to recognise the shape of the whole word, how many letters it has, any words within words (ie ‘That’ has ‘at’ in it).

Another good idea is to try to spot these words in your child’s readers to help give the learning of the words extra meaning and context.

We hope these short videos and word games will help:

We hope you found these ideas useful. Look out for some tips on home reading coming soon.

The prep team.

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  1. Thank you Banjo and Mr Ramage for making such a great resource for parents and anyone who is helping a young child start to learn these early words.
    Great work, Banjo!!
    Mrs Ovens

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