Communication with the messages board

We have this week introduced the students to our Investigations messages board. This is a board for student/teacher communications. This is a great way to encourage the students to think for themselves, develop communication skills, articulate their needs and to build personal organization into their day. Messages can be written or recorded using talking tin lids.

At the end of Tuesday’s session we were left lots of very polite messages about the children’s learning needs.

Here is a short video with some further explanations.

Messages Board explained from Mr Ramage on Vimeo.

Thanks Prep Team

2 thoughts on “Communication with the messages board

  1. Hi Danielle, yes they are a great tool, so many uses in the classroom. I order them from the UK from They are pretty good value even with postage especially if you order a few. We use them in all prep and 1/2 learning areas. I would recommend the red ones and the booklet of ideas is also very good. The same company also makes phonic sound tiles which we use and I would highly recommend them too if you have the budget. Cheers James

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