Numeracy update…hands on Measurement

Over the last couple of weeks we have been using measurement in it’s many different forms; children have explored informal ways of measuring length, area, capacity and weight. Measurement is a fantastic way to help children understand and apply number concepts. It gives a practical use for counting, counting in groups, making predictions, checking and reasoning and even developing early skills of multiplication…eg if a pencil weights the same as two blocks then 3 pencils should weigh the same as 6 blocks. It also applies to the real world, as children have many experiences of measuring in their everyday life, such as a visit to the green grocers!

In addition, these investigations and practical activities have also build up the children’s vocabulary and understanding of measurement concepts such as longer/shorter, heavy/light, full/empty and other concepts such as heavy objects not having to be the biggest and comparing and contrasting how things of different shape and size can have different capacities and weights.

If you find your child filling your shoes with blocks then you will understand that they are finding the capacity of your shoe! We used our shoes amongst other things to measure area, capacity and weight.

Which shoe has the biggest capacity?

measuring the area of our footprints

finding who has the heaviest shoe

recording how heavy the objects are

we need to check the scales are balanced

The children had lots of fun trying to guess which creatures made these footprints which they then measured the area of using counters!

You can help to reinforce this learning at home by involving your child in real life measuring tasks around the house, such as cooking/baking preparation, DIY jobs, gardening and filling water cans etc, weighing yourself on scales, measuring growth of height or feet in siblings or family members and helping with measuring when at the supermarket.


7 thoughts on “Numeracy update…hands on Measurement

  1. Loved the Bigfoot challenge! Kya really enjoyed measuring the area and discussing what area meant and how we could find the area of other things around the house. Keep up the great work Preps! Chris.

  2. Mitchell enjoyed the bigfoot challenge and plans to measure the whole family tonight with his lego blocks! Also loved how the weekend parties provided much inspiration for writing last Monday!

  3. Well done preps. You guys are doing some great work. I can’t wait to see how many blocks fit in my cowboy boots.

  4. Hi Preps,
    I was very impressed when Ben used such a grand word last night – CAPACITY! He explained that once my shoe was full of blocks it has reached it’s CAPACITY. Ben – we love it when you share the things you are learning at school!! Keep up the awesome work Preps!
    Julie (Ben’s Mum)

  5. Thanks Julie, it’s so great to hear that children are explaining their learning at home, it shows us that they are excited by what they are discovering at school…we see it in class all the time, but it’s great that they are sharing it at home too. Mr Ramage

  6. Hello Preps,

    I couldn’t believe my ears when Charlotte started talking about the capacity of different things around our home! What a clever bunch you are! Keep up the great work everyone.

  7. Thanks Lisa, yes it always amazes us the amount of information and new concepts they are able to absorb ..and great to hear that they are talking about this at home which really helps to reinforce the learning. Mr Ramage

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