Tip of the week…Numeracy

We have decided to try to post a regular tip of games and activities that you can play at home to reinforce learning that your children are doing in class. This weeks tip….

Use a pack of playing cards to help with numeracy skills.

This week the students have been exploring their numbers and counting by using playing cards. Playing cards are a great way to practise counting and to recognise numbers and to introduce elements of strategy and concepts such as chance, likely, not likely, bigger, smaller, more less, naming the different suits etc.

Here are a couple of the games that we have played this week.

For all of these games we take the picture cards out of the pack and put them to one side, but keep the Ace (which is one) and numbers up to 10.

Game 1 – Higher or lower.

Start with a pack face down, turn over the top card to start, then try to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower (more or less/ bigger or smaller) than the one before…see how many cards you can guess correctly in a row. You can also discuss strategy, such as if you are on a 9, is ‘higher’ a good guess, or would it be more likely for the next card to be lower, or less than 9.

Game 2 – Brazilian Snap

The video below should hopefully give you instructions on how to play this game…it takes a bit of getting used to, but is really good for practising forward and backwards number counting to 10 and also matching what you say to what you see!! Remember you SNAP if the number you say matches with the number on the card that is turned over.


There are lots of other games you can try, such as laying 10 cards out in a row and seeing if your child can find two cards that add up to another number, such as 10 (6+4)…if you have some good ideas why not post them in the comments section of the blog and we can try them during our numeracy sessions at school.

Happy card playing

6 thoughts on “Tip of the week…Numeracy

  1. These are great – can’t wait to try over this rainy weekend. Thanks for adding this.

  2. Thanks Mr Ramage and Miss O’Bree for the insights into the learning in your class. It is wonderful to share in Zarah’s world so regularly.

  3. Hi Margie, thanks,for your comments. Yes the blog is a wonderful way to open up the classroom to a wider audience of family and friends. It makes it extra worthwhile to know that you are enjoying the posts and the insight into the learning that it gives. Mr Ramage

  4. Imogen has been enjoying teaching her new card games to her family at home… Kids against parents!!!

  5. Yes, the games are a great way for the children to learn. Glad you are enjoying them. Mr Ramage

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