Finishing off an amazing year!

As we take down the work which has been displayed around our room this year it has been great to reflect with the children and with many parents, just how far the student’s learning has come this year. Listening to students talk about how their drawings, writing and reading looked when they started school, compared to the way it looks now, is really exciting. Also as we interviewed the students for their student comments in their reports, it was clear how well they were able to articulate what they enjoy in their learning, their strengths and their areas for future development. As we tell the children, they have done the hard work, we have just provided them with the learning environment and support to help them start on this amazing learning journey.

The Prep Blog has also been a new thing this year, it has been visited over 1000 times by many parents, family members and teachers from over 14 countries around the world. This year’s Prep students and families have also been fortunate to be part of our Technologies project and as a result the children and teachers have had a great range of technologies which have been used to enhance learning for the students. We are excited to watch this year’s prep students develop even further as they move into Grade 1 next year.

Thankyou to all those ‘Blog followers’ this year who have looked at the blog posts and taken the time to post comments onto the blog and share the exciting learning with their children. It has been a highlight this year to read comments on the blog together with the whole class and this has really highlighted the meaningful purpose that the blog has, in sharing learning and student’s achievments with a wider audience.

We thought it would be lovely to finish off our blog for this year with some photos of the children. We have included the party with the buddies. It was great to see many Year 5 children telling their buddy that they would still be a buddy for them next year! We also have some pictures of the transition day when they met their new teachers and classmates , and finally our end of year excursion to the beach and the cinema.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mr Ramage and Miss O’Bree

3 thoughts on “Finishing off an amazing year!

  1. It has been a wonderful year and so much has been achieved.

    The above photos are great, looks like you had so much fun at each activity.

    A big thanks goes to Miss O’Bree and Mr Ramage for all the work you have done over the year.

  2. Hello,it’s Žana from very cold Croatia!

    I have looked last Prep blog,it’s nice idea to finish off it with some photos and party .I especially like photo of my nephew Ante with his buddy.
    I wish You the same good work with kids next year,
    a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!

  3. Wow, what great photos, looks like they had so much fun. What a wonderfu year the preps have had, they have learnt so much. Thanks to their wonderful teachers!!

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