Prep reflections on their learning….

430 visitors to Box World!!

430 visitors to Box World!!

On Friday the children were asked to write their personal refelction about our Box World Project. To do this not only did they need to use their developing writing skills but we were also asking them to think about the difference between something that they had ‘Learned’ and something that they had ‘Enjoyed’. As Miss O’Bree and I put up their writing today in the classroom as part of a box world display we contrasted it to writing that we displayed at the end of March this year when the children were asked to write their name and how old they were. The box world reflection activity was hugely more complex than writing their names, yet the children had managed not only fantastic writing but a sophisticated level of thinking about the task and the ability to seperate learning from what they enjoyed best. They really have come a long way in such a short time. We hope you enjoy reading their learning reflections below.

10 thoughts on “Prep reflections on their learning….

  1. Dear Preps
    I felt a bit sad when Box World ended but now I feel really happy because you have recorded so many great things that you enjoyed about it and learned from it. Well done Preps. I’m really proud of you and your great work,
    Mrs Ovens

  2. The whole class did such a fantastic job with building Box World. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

  3. Hi boys and girls!

    I have enjoyed reading your blogg. I will tell all my colleagues about it!

    Keep writing!

  4. luv the photo its great to see all the kids in front of there work on box world 430 visiters thats great. jack would luv one of those photo

  5. Hi Preps
    You have invited so many visitors into your classroom to see your Box World.
    My very special friends in Norway have even read your Blog and loved seeing all of your work.
    Perhaps you can find where Norway is on the map.

  6. Hi,it’s Žana from Croatia!
    I’m very happy I can see what is my nephew prep Ante Peric learning in school,even I am miles away from him,thanks to You and your website. I think You are doing great job with Preps,so once more thank you on that.
    All the best to you Mr Ramage&Preps!

  7. Hi Zana,

    thanks for your comment, it makes it really worthwhile knowing that you are able to follow some of Ante’s learning and find out about life in his classroom from Crotia. Ante is a wonderful learner, as are all the preps! I can’t wait to share your comment with all the class tomorrow. Kind Regards Mr Ramage

  8. Hi Mr Ramage, Ante and all the Preps
    That is so special that Ante’s Auntie Zana has been looking at your blog. She lives a long way away in Croatia and can still catch up with your work! WOW!
    Mrs Ovens

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