Enhancing Oral Language through the use of Technology (teachers)

Last Thursday evening (October 20th) our prep unit hosted a professional development session for other teachers in our Network. This was to share the work we have been doing with a range of technologies in our classroom to support the student’s Oral Language skills and their Inquiry Learning.

The event was really well attended with over 40 teachers coming along and it was great to be able to share the way in which our teachers and the prep students have been integrating new technologies into their learning.

We are lucky to have had the opportunity to purchase a range of technologies thanks to the department funded research project with Monash University that we have been part of this year. We hosted the PD session as part of the Literacy and Numeracy week Network sessions.

Here are my notes from the session:

Notes oral language technology pd

Here is a list of the technologies with approximate prices and details about where to purchase them.

Technologies with information

There are also a documents relating to Ipad uasge DEECD iPad support booklet for special education and screen shots below from one of our classroom Ipads with some of the good apps shown on it.

We have also added a link to the excellent UK Letters and Sounds Program which gives excellent phase by phase activities to help develop young learners phonic and phonemic awareness. Phase 1 is very useful and you can download any phase (1-6) free from the UK website.

(for letters and sounds)

If you attended the PD and have any questions or would like to post a comment on whether you found the session useful then we would welcome your feedback via the comments section of this blog post. If you want to be notified of a reply to your comment, please tick the small box before you send the comment.

Many Thanks
James Ramage and Katherine O’Bree

9 thoughts on “Enhancing Oral Language through the use of Technology (teachers)

  1. James, It was wonderful to share your enthusiam for ICT and oral language. I am looking forward to sharing the resources and knowledge that I gained at the workshop with my team at school and trialling ideas with our students. Thank you for a very ‘hands on’, informative and motivational session. Cheers Kerry

  2. Thanks so much James for your great informative talk. It was obvious it was much more than a talk though, your whole class is a perfect example of using technology to truly enhance language learning and development of the students. Thanks for sharing your insights, I’m sure everyone present learnt a lot of new tricks!
    Cheers, Carmel Gove.

  3. James!
    What a find! I am thrilled to have found this post on your blog. I am originally from Geelong but am working as an Oral Language coach with indigenous kids in remote schools in Norhtern Territory. Currently I am on the Tiwi Islands. I would love to do more with ipads and technology with the kids over here.

    Hope we can collaborate more in the future.

    Thanks for the wonderful tips.


  4. Hi Jasmine

    How thrilled we were to read your comment on our blog. it is great to know that the time spent on the blog has had a wider impact and that it might be helping you with your teaching. It would be great if we could collaborate in the future. As our school year has just started we will soon be blogging again, so we will be sharing our ideas and tips. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
    Warm Regards

  5. Hi Jasmine

    Regarding your question posted on the blog, I do know that there is an app for prezzi presentations but they can take a while to load

    if you are looking for a really quick and easy oral presention app then try ‘Show Me’ which allows students to talk and annotate over a whiteboard where they can insert any image or photo.

    Depending on the age group there are some good story writing apps which do similar things but which can be turned into books…one called ‘my story’ is pretty good and allows pictures, writing and sound to be included. Pictello is also really excellent and is often used by our deaf facility to encourage speech and oral language.

    Voicethread is also very good…and it has the Advantage of allowing other users to add comments to someone else’s Voicethread.

    Let me know how you get on…I might post some examples up on the blog of how we are using these apps.

  6. Do you mean do I have any presentations that you can use to show other teachers?

    I recently presented in Melbourne about the work we have been doing with technology. Would you like to see my presentation? It is on Prezzi and I think I could share the link with you, if you would like.
    Thanks James

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